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  1. I had the same problem since my firewall was on and not allowing any connections to the internet... if you have firewall try turning it off and see if it works! Cheers
  2. Thank you i have tried it and it works.... all created no problem ln -fs /usb/html/* /www/ Awesome.... thanks again Nerdonite & Foxtrot
  3. Ohh i see Thanks Foxtrot i will try that! cheers mate! ;)
  4. Thank you Nerdonite for quick response.. i do use default address on pineapple... i would like you to elaborate how this is going to link all my files from my /usb/html/ to /www/ folder... if you can type command for it that would be much appreciated!
  5. this is error i get when trying to access pineapple via winscp... i am running windows 8 pro x64 Error getting name of current remote directory Command 'pdw' failed with return code 0 and error message -ash: groups: not found.
  6. Tried many times.... in advanced tab ln -s /usb/html/* /www/ press execute button and nothing happens... before it would show links rightaway but not now... It is nothin that i have not done before... just wanted to update links that is all and now ..... dont know... Rebooted and nothing appears in www folder... So i re-flashed firmware no help ... Dont get it it was working many times before 2.80.... Funny thing is that pineapple sees my usb and it is not letting me to execute any commands..... and winSCP is giving me some weird error messages when trying to access pineapples directory some write errors... -ato error write 0 something like that i didnt take screen shot! now i downgraded it back to 2.70 and still no luck with linking my files.... any help please!!!!
  7. Updated MarkIV to 2.80 firmware and now it is not accepting any commands to be executed... Dinamic links or to create swap space! Please help
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