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  1. Hrm this didn't seem to work. In process_frame() i added: if((injectToken&0xff) == 0x90 ) { sequence_running = true; } Above it, i have the loop processing the sequence, at the start of STATE_INJECTING. I added a instruction to the encoder.jar which looks like this: } else if (instruction[0].equals("TRIGGEREXPLOIT")) { file.add((byte)0x90); } else if (instruction[0].equals("STRING")) { Then i make a file like this: -[dcbz@squee:~/code/ducky]$ cat > test TRIGGEREXPLOIT -[dcbz@squee:~/code/ducky]$ java -jar encoder.jar -i test -[dcbz@squee:~/code/ducky]$ xxd inject.bin 0000000: 90 . However when i run this, i do not see the keystrokes i used. Not sure why it's not working at this stage, will debug tommorow ;( EDIT: Scratch this, it seems to be working. Thanks for all your help!
  2. Thanks again for your help, i see what you mean. The hardcoded string is great thanks, that's exactly what i need i guess. Pushing the button won't work though, since i need to do something timing related, i will need to somehow signal to the device to send the keystroke. I guess i can change the statemachine in the original code. injectToken comes straight from the file right, so if i do something like if((injectToken && 0xff) == 0x90) { do_hardcoded_signal; } i could then add an instruction and recompile encoder.jar to emit it. That should work yeah? Thanks again for your help. If i get this working i'll send it to you off list ;)
  3. Hey, Thanks for the help with this. The firmware source you uploaded seems to send ui_sequence as soon as you insert the device, right? I actually have some weird requirements, but i need to set some stuff up, then send the keystroke once i'm done. I need the ducky to function as normal, i was going to recompile an encoder with a new instruction, like WEIRDKEYSTROKE and have that send the char code. Guess i'll try get that working now. Thanks!
  4. Ah thanks for the reply. I grabbed a copy of the firmware source and was looking to hardcode it now. I was wondering if the bytecode generated by encode.jar contained the literal key code value, because then i could just encode it manually. But from what you described it sounds like those bytes arn't the key codes themselves. I will read the firmware source and see if i have time to tackle it that way. My project is due in 8 days and requires a lot of work after i get this part working ;) Thanks again. I'll let you know which route i go.
  5. Hey All, For a project i'm working on I need to send pretty much every control character at once. I just assumed the rubber ducky could do this when i bought it, since it's a pretty straight forward construct, however now that i actually start to play with it i can't get this to work. Is it possible with the default firmware to send a string of control characters like: Control + Alt + Windows Key + Shift + x Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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