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  1. I don't mean to thread hijack too badly ... But I ended up with the usb-less model because I'm a noob. Going to try the clean flash method unless someone warns me it won't work. Will post results. Also wondering if usb mod would be possible. I can soldier. From the pictures looks like my board is missing a couple capacitors at the sub port end.
  2. Sebkinne, I'm actually not using a "proper" pineapple. I'm using a raspberry pi with the patched version of hostapd from dijininjas website. I saw on another forum that telot apparently had this working. Hopefully he will weigh in eventually.
  3. Angelburnt, what you have said in your last post doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but I'll try to explain anyway. When you have saved networks in your computer/phone/tablet, it scans for them periodically. The pineapple will respond to such scans with a "yes" answer. The devices will then try to connect. This connection is supposed to succeed of the device your computer scanned for was an open network. However if it was an encrypted one the device will not be able to connect to the pineapple because the pineapple does not know the encryption key the device is trying to use. If the saved network on the device was a network without encryption, then they will happily connect and you will have tasty tasty packet transfer. IF your devices have open networks saved, and you KNOW this for a fact. And it is still not connecting. Then you belong on the next thread down with the rest of us having that issue. Hope I helped!
  4. I know exactly what Zetemkaa is trying to say here. Clients are not auto connecting to karma. I am having a similar experience. In one of the demonstrations on the show, Darren shows the list of all the SSID's that the pineapple is spoofing. On my windows 7 laptop, and my ipad, and my blackberry, and my android, this does not happen, even though there are many unsecured networks in the config of each of these devices, they will not autoconnect to karma. HOWEVER if I go to the "connect to a hidden network" dialog box and type in gfxufcrx- basically anything. It will send out a probe request and the karma will scoop it up and say yes. So I am wondering, are my devices not sending active probes? Or is my config file wrong? Config is enble_karma=1 interface=wlan0 driver=nl80211 ctrl_interface=/var/run/hostapd ctrl_interface_group=0 SSID=RaspAP hw_mode=g channel=11 beacon_int=100 auth_algs=3 wmm_enabled=1 Sorry for the long post. But I wanted to make everything clear as mud
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