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  1. Hey guys, a wierd little aside: I had a hard time logging into the Pineapple, it kept saying Unavailabe. Then, I removed my thumbdrive (probably a bad term now that they are so small, maybe thumbnail drive is better....), rebooted without the USB drive in place, and boom, the login came right up. After logging in, I reinserted the USB drive and no worries. BTW, I have pretty much all of the Pineapple store infusions installed to my USB drive. Thought I'd mention this just in case anyone else has the same problem. Thanks for all of your support. Having BIG fun with this thing......
  2. Once again, thanks guys. Someday, I will no longer be a noob, but for now..........
  3. Hey folks, having trouble seeing any traffic in my MkIV, firmware 2.7.0. In STATUS (main status, not the module) lower half, under Karma / Connection Status I see the following: IP address HW type Flags HW address Mask Device 0x1 0x2 00:24:be:b1:3b:bc * br-lan KARMA: DISABLED Karma is enabled and I have connected my Android phone to it by creating a bogus WiFi connection called DUMBO. I see this all my Android info in the top half. In the STATUS Module on the left hand side, other than all my memory, usage, etc....at the bottom my Android phone is listed both under WiFi Clients and DHCP Clients. In the STATUS Module, right hand side, I see: WANStatus IP Address Gateway DNS 1 br-lan Status MAC Address 00:C0:CA:63:ED:19 IP Address Subnet Mask Gateway eth0 Status MAC Address 00:C0:CA:63:ED:19 IP Address - Subnet Mask - Gateway - eth1 Status MAC Address 00:C0:CA:63:ED:18 IP Address - Subnet Mask - Gateway - wlan0 Status MAC Address 00:C0:CA:63:ED:1A IP Address - Subnet Mask - Gateway - Eth0, ETh1 and Wlan0 have nothing. Where do I see traffic when I go to various websites? I know, a noob question. Any help you could give would be great.
  4. LOL, sorry for the freak out. The update worked perfectly. The problem I had was entering in: which was typed above where the actual URL is I just noticed it when looking in my address bar and seeing the old URL in there. I thought, "it can't be that easy", but it was. My MKIV Again, sorry for being such a noob but this stuff is awesome...... Thanks for your quick suggestion and help.
  5. Ok, I did the upgrade like the instructions said and I cannot get into the UI. I have tried the new url and the old one with both IE and Firefox. Power, WLAN and USB lights are lit up steady. The pineapple ed:1a SSID is broadcasting. The upgrade installed with the animated fruit, then it restarted and never came back up. I attributed that to the URL changing. I read the change logs which basically say what was changed. Where do I find the release notes? Now I'm scared. Sorry for being such a noob.........
  6. Woops, I was having trouble changing SSIDs and I clicked (I believe) REMOVE CONFIGURATION or something like that, and now, for the Wireless TAB there is nothing. Is there any way to get it back? I tried uninstalling it and re-installing and no go. I currently have firmware 2.4.1 Any help you can give would be GREATLY appreciated. thanks.
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