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  1. I figured I might try something here and toss up a photo of myself down in my dungeon. I have two home, one I live at and one I WORK at ;) Being underground just makes me feel like I am doing something wrong constantly.. I think I work better. So to possibly get things started I will post the first photo.
  2. Hello DirtyFinger here.. Usually known as Saxamo on the network. I have been privy to many hacks including a company called falcon back in the 80's. Ethical of course. I spend most of my time now researching the internet and "yes" I have been to the end. In my off time when I am not working on a new splice, I tend to view the world from the 6th floor. I find myself spending days at the pc and forgetting time, even months when I am deep into code. The true art of hacking is not to steal anything but to know you can if you were asked. I also like to delve into coral reefs and have had micro reefs in my home. Try supporting an ecological system at .3 gallons and have it live for 12 years, completely automated by your ast model 120 at 12Ghz. ;) I am not a franken builder and I feel that all pc situations have to be done sexy. There is nothing more rewarding then someone saying.. damn, they cracked it.. Boy it looks great though.. I leave you with this. Life is life, you are here you are gone. I plan on interjecting myself into the internet and living forever. However, I will take one photo with me to remember the real world and what I see each day from my balcony. I mght be a hacker, but God definitely knows his code..
  3. I am really glad I found hak5. I just wish they were closer to me as I would like to share some of my router hacks with them. I personally think it would blow their minds..

  4. I was just trying to upload images to the wallpaper gallery. However, each time I try with the flash loader or the basic loader I get a message that there was a server error. just an fyi.. :)
  5. @Pwnd2Pwnr. Thanks for the kind words.. I just did another small change for some wallpaper. Depending on your windows version you can use the wallpaper even though it is a larger size. Just change it to center or span.. not sure since I use windows 8 span. Here is another little update. From now on I am just going to update this post with more wallpaper links as I make them http://www.saxamo.co...loads/hak5c.jpg
  6. I just made this one.. take off the old one, but with a pretty decent look. http://www.saxamo.co...loads/hak5a.jpg I will come up with something better.. but I like this one for today.. getting tired.. lol.. Have a great weekend everyone.. ttyl
  7. I am downloading them now. Nice!! Now I can get started! Way to go guys! Way to go! Wait till you see this MOD. I actually won a contest for a water cooling unit from cool-it for my current pc mod. I am also doing a radioactive mod on my acer easystore h342. Looking forward to sharing and being in the community. Those monitors now sit on one stand and they are all hp w2408h monitors. Glossy screen and Widescreen - 16:10. Thanks for the wallpaper, I am going to see what I can do too :) Thanks again! Wallpaper is actually pretty nicely done. Great job! You can see some of my wallpapers here as I just started. Don't punish me to badly. :) http://aussiesingles.deviantart.com/
  8. Hello there, New to the forums, going to be doing a new mod on my computer setup. I am going to be doing a Hak5 Logo on my rig cut out and lighted from the back. I do wish to ask if Hak5 could make some wallpaper that fits my screens 5760x1200 would be great! Once I get the rig cut and lighted I will show it off. I guess what I need to know is whether I should use red or blue with the lighting? Suggestions. I also wanted to say hello to the community and wish the show well. I also need to know ( if hak5 has the resources ) to find out what micro mobo will fit in an easy store h342 that will support the system and windows server 2012 essentials. It's a nice box that affords a lot of mods. Wondered if they ever did anything with it or might know.. Thanks PS. Upon registering for the site I was asked to give the name of one of the two hosts on the show. I used Shannon Morse and it failed.. It only worked when I wrote Darren.. What's that about ;) LOL.. Kind regards, Saxamo..
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