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  1. Hi all, Can the Pineapple IV be used for nomal (private) hotspot aswell (easy selected without reflashing thepineapple)? Reading a few webpages I'm unable to determain if the PineApple is able to be used in places where I need to setup an accepoint quick and easy (share 3G internet or an (hotel ethernet wall outlet). At those moments I won't like the setting that all clients are able to connect and use the internet, only clients who know the WPA for example can. I know that the main purpose is that everyone (and all requested WiFi SSID's) will be accepted. But in some rare cases I just want the Pineapple to be a private accesspoint for me and some friends. Second question, less important, can I use the Pineapple (hopefully easy aswell) to be a USB WiFi dongle? Or perhaps an Ethernet WiFi dongle (bridge would be best I think), so connecting to an excisting WiFi network and bridge the info to a connected laptop on the ethernet port? Cheers, Onedutch
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