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  1. I bought the powered hub, and as predicted works exactly like the other one I had, no change whatsoever. I did although find out what the problem was in the first place.. using karma + sslstrip + jammer (maybe even just sslstrip + jammer) at the same time would end in a pineapple restart (in around 5-10 minutes, as carmichaeldylan stated above, it may vary depending on the numbers of ap's in the adapter's range).
  2. You have some serious errors there, I currently have the debian installation of the rpi os on one and openelec for the media center on the other, I should recieve 2 x Class 10 SD Cards from Kingston eighter today or tomorrow (already ordered), and will have an answer for you then. (was planning to put pwnpi on one anyway)
  3. I doubt that pwnpi is the issue, but I do remember seeing posts of people buying sd cards that don't work with the rpi. (i've read that sandisk sd cards don't work, don't know about any other companies) I have 2 micro sd cards with adapters, both from kingston that work flawlessly with the rpi.
  4. Sorry, I didn't see you replied and edited the question after rereading your first post. :) The thing is that I did work on that transparent proxy at one point, and it could be used for what you need, as long as it's used on websites without ssl, it could probably work as intended, but the result would ultimately be the same, you'll still need to write all domains in the dnsspoof list, and it would visually be the same thing as cloning the unsecured website warning. Only that with my pages it will work significantly slower and probably bugs will arise here and there. So I just don't see why s
  5. What would be the point of doing this? Wouldn't it be easier to clone the unsecured website page and do a DNSSpoof to all domains without even serving the pineapple internet? Or even do selective DNSSpoof on those 10s or 100s of websites with the cloned page while serving internet.. Isn't the result the same? :P
  6. @itsm0ld - I agree with you, the pineapple is unstable, it has low cpu and modules that weigh heavily on it. I've also had a lot of issues with the pineapple restarting. @Darren - If you need to reproduce a pineapple restart, just start the pineapple, eighter plugged to a battery or a wall plug (doesn't matter), then start Karma, SSLStrip and Jammer (this obviously also requires a powered hub, usb memory stick and an adapter), then wait 5-10 minutes. (this may or may not be influenced by the number of access points in your area, a higher number of ap's will probably make the jammer use more c
  7. Going to try to buy the Belkin F5U404PBLK and report back. It might as well be the hub that's the problem.. I'll report back when I bought it, if I can find that exact model somewhere in my country..
  8. I actually looked over those topics before posting the question.. this unfortunately is not a power issue, or if it is, I can't imagine how. Here is my setup: 1x Mark IV, 1x Powered USB Hub (the exact model as in the hakshop), 1x USB 2.0 Cable Extender (with the red wire snipped, wich connects to the data cable of the hub and the pineapple, tested powering up only the hub, the pineapple does not start), 1x 8gb Mini USB Memory Stick, 1x ALFA AWUS036NHA (brand new, the manufacturer is not a fake, the chipset is atheros as required, I try to use the jammer with this adapter, although jamming work
  9. No one had this issue before? It's incredibly annoying and I feel like I have no control over it at all.. I'd even settle for a hint of what would make the pineapple reset all by itself when the jammer is running, so I can at least attempt fixing this somehow.. :(
  10. I can't manage to use the jammer properly, I have a Pineapple MK4, firmware version 2.4.1, using a working powered usb hub, installed a mini usb stick successfully, installed sslstrip and jammer on the usb stick, powering the pineapple from the wall plug or battery (same problem in both cases). I have a wide range of alfa adapters, so I first attempted using this module with a awus036nh, the adapter was not compatible with the MK4 (iwconfig showed nada). Then attempted using awus036h, the drivers loaded correctly (if we can ignore the "ifconfig wlan1 up"), but when I used the jammer with it,
  11. Well.. you guys catch on fast. :P But after getting my modules up, getting some testing done and tinkering with code.. I came to the next conclusions: @petertfm: Well yes, that would be cool, and there's one already created, it's called sslstrip, which in my opinion only needs a very good filter already made and embeded inside it to show only relevant captured data. This is kind of what I managed to do with my project also, make it a sslstrip that works on a few less sites on the internet (still working out bugs), works slower because it doesn't do pass thru traffic, but does essentially the
  12. "/var" shortcuts to the "/tmp" folder, where there is no "httpd" folder or file, I also did a full search on the pineapple, couldn't find any file containing "apache" or "httpd", maybe the web server logs are removed or the file location and/or name has been modified? Still would like to find it though.. :/
  13. I'm looking for the Apache log file to debug a problem I ran into, can someone please tell me where I might find it? (Pineapple Mark IV, version 2.4.0)
  14. Thanks for all the information, and peter, those commands wore exactly what I needed to find all the extensions for php I wanted. In total, I installed: php4-mod-session, php4-mod-curl, php4-mod-pcre (i probably installed libcurl and libpcre if they worn't already installed) after which modifying the php.ini accordingly to load the new extensions. Then restarted the pineapple, started dns spoof, and all my php pages finally worked without errors and as expected. But after around 10, probably 15 minutes, the dns spoof would stop working, and the spoofed dns would be reverted to it's real ip. Wh
  15. Hello, I've just bought a Pineapple Mark IV and updated the firmware to version 2.4.0. Being a PHP Developer, I thought I'd have some fun with the DNS Spoofing option, but soon realized that php was missing a lot of it's commands. What I need is the php session commands and curl to work on the Pineapple, could anyone please guide me trough installing the required php extensions? Also, I was wondering if a USB Hub would work with the Mark IV. I imagine that the power supply would be to low to power to many usb devices, but what if the usb hub could also be powered by a secondary usb port on a b
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