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  1. ??? you sure you dont wanna go the tc fde hidden os route? its much safer , anyone with that flash drive can access your unencrypted "hidden" partition
  2. or use rubber hose cryptanalysis on you ...nice
  3. damn sounds like you got lucky xD, a paid vpn without logging is a standard nowadays anyhow if you dont want to leak info ;) p.s: nice idea on the jb weld thing
  4. not sure but zeroing the drive should do the trick id say http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=317243
  5. If an adversary has access to a (dismounted) TrueCrypt volume at several points over time, he may be able to determine which sectors of the volume are changing. If you change the contents of a hidden volume (e.g., create/copy new files to the hidden volume or modify/delete/rename/move files stored on the hidden volume, etc.), the contents of sectors (ciphertext) in the hidden volume area will change. After being given the password to the outer volume, the adversary might demand an explanation why these sectors changed. Your failure to provide a plausible explanation might indicate the existence of a hidden volume within the outer volume this from truecrypt itself , thou i asume nobody of us would give the feds access to our tc volume multiple times so i guess this isnt a worrying factor overall
  6. exactly hence the need for plausible deniability aka hidden volume within a volume ;), problem is as far as ive heard that if you add or substract anything from your hidden volume it will show and thus destroy your plausible deniability :(
  7. where talkin plausible deniability here ;) p.s : keep em comments comming :)
  8. same i was thinking , theres alot of users out there that arent exactly IT specialists , and would love something like that mentioned iso to setup theyre own secure email server B) p.s: we need something like riseup but with offshore servers ...difficult task indeed
  9. so anybody here use tc? and got any external hdds he uses it on ? or ssd os drive? id appreciate it :) p.s: and how in hell do you guys memorize 3 30+ character passwords wtf? since hidden os uses 3 passwords , my brain hurts just thinking about it exspecially after reading the tutorial over at tc site :o and btw heard your not supposed to use internet while using the hidden os?
  10. well that would be all nice and good if wed get to know the server locations then maybe wed bed able to put trust in the mentioned provider ;) p.s: hidemyass what an excellent example shouldve mentioned hushmail too ...
  11. sounds good im in, server locations? p.s: thanks for the instant messenger tip , for really anonymous stuff i use torchat , and for everything else as youve mentioned pidgin and otr look nice , ive used msn messenger plus and chatx plugin for things that where nobodys buisness until now , i guess im gona give pidgin a try then if its better ;), btw can you use it with riseup accounts? of course someone has to confirm the server locations before i go to riseup
  12. well for that you could use gorillamail too wich expires in a given time that you decide or use 10/20 minute mail :)
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