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  1. Check on the github wiki for a wild and unofficial way to try it (waiting for official release by admins)

    I'm working on promised features.

    Auto-refresh works and 2 switches are available.

    Please let me know what do you think about it ;-)

    Cheers !

    Can you post a link the github wiki you mentioned?

  2. Last few episodes have been away from the studio.

    Last I saw was a fire at the refinery near the studio and Darren driving away with the cat crying in the car.

    Is everything Okay or is Darren on the Lamb from the police?

  3. If you are still having problems look into putting a good Isolation Transformer with a built in power conditioner between your generator and UPS.

    Also I can not stress enough when wring in a generator to double check your grounding. Even if you completely set aside the safety aspects you will have nothing but trouble if you have flakey/incorrect/no ground with a generator.

  4. I have a MkIII with 2.1.2 on it and I am just running dns spoof(no karma) at the moment. The problem is the karma.log grows at an extremely fast rate, it is so bad that /tmp fills up and within a few hours the Fon just grinds to a halt. Is there a way to stop this(log rotate, etc)? It is strange that it filling up so fast when karma isn't even running.

    Here is a chuck of the log, it is pretty much these lines over and over again.

    KARMA is disabled when handling probe request

    Add randomness: count=88684 entropy=1087

    Add randomness: count=88685 entropy=1087

    Add randomness: count=88686 entropy=1087

    STA 00:0e:58:42:22:da sent probe request without SSID or supported rates element

  5. Okay I have DNS spoof and URL snarf running and redirecting everything to a page on the Mkiii, however URL snarf does not report anything.

    All I want is to see is how many times a host tries hitting a page before giving up and moves on. Other then the DHCP lease file I really don't know how busy this AP is.

    What is the best option to do this?

    Thank You

  6. Ok I have a freshly flashed mkiii with 2.1.2

    I can get it setup and rick rolling wirelessly without any trouble, loaded the files, turned on DNS spoof, etc...

    My issue is I want to set it up to work standalone(just the mkiii). However when I do this and join the network the mkiii does not appear to hand out any dhcp information.

    I tried google'ing and have been reading/searching the forums and I have see how to do it with older versions but I can't seem to figure out how to do it with the mkiii.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  7. I currently have a Max232 from Compsys and I know it is working because I have used it on other devices. However It does not like my MkIII, it might have to do with the MkIII only outputting 3 volts and the 232 is expecting 5?

    I could be hooking it up it wrong as well but I was wondering what are other people are using for their TTL to serial adaptors?

  8. In my new firmware I have included a fix. I will release it in a couple of hours.

    Basically, when going to /pineapple/ it asks for a username (root) and a password. The password is the password used for SSH. It updates with any changes as it uses the /etc/shadow file.

    I will also explain how to do it in my thread, I just don't have enough time to post it right now.



    Thank You! Tell me where to send beer....

  9. Gday!

    Got my cute little MkIII a week ago, but due to the fact that I need a US-to-EU(not UK)-converter, I started out with trying to connect with the included battery-pack. Notice my suprise when plugged in, the plugs had a glitch - some electric-tape on the connector from the battery-pack solved this, but my first scare was that I thought the connector on the board was not soldered in place correctly.

    Noticed so far;

    Glitches with the battery-pack plug, can be fixed - but if 'crew' is reading this, might wanna check out the quality of the plugs.

    The external antenna connector soldering looks bad, and might need some re-soldering when the box starts to age.

    The on/off switch on the battery-pack feels like it has tendencies to get sloppy after a few on and offs'.

    Otherwise, looks good - only had a few minutes with the new gui, but kudos on the nice work on that.

    So, anyone else had issues that might be reflected on the hardware (quality) ?

    (haven't noticed any other threads regarding anything like this yet - if I'm misstaken, pardon my bad searches)


    Can you post pictures of the damaged connector and weak solder joint?

  10. I am running on Ubuntu 11.10 and when I try and run the wp3.sh I get "[[: not found" after each line if I enter a value or not.

    I do not see this behavior under BT but due to hardware incompatibilities(or my stupidity) I am having difficulties with that distro at the moment.

    lostngone@lostngone-MacBookPro:~$ sudo ./wp3.sh

    Input Pineapple Netmask [or ENTER for]:

    ./wp3.sh: 8: [[: not found

    Input Pineapple Network [or ENTER for]:

    ./wp3.sh: 14: [[: not found

    Input Interface between PC and Pineapple [or ENTER for eth0]:

    ./wp3.sh: 20: [[: not found

    Any ideas?

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