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  1. Same here. im curious. I have installed all depencies, sslstrip is starting on commmand line, but not really sure how to route traffic for it to generate stripped traffic to a eth0 port or do some phising.
  2. Its the wicd network manager that cause this. To run both a wired connect and wifi connect at same time, you need to disable the wicd network manager before enabling the second connect. At least, this did the trick for me.
  3. We see alot of sslstrip threads and info on the net regadring the use of arpspoof to capture and sniff packets. However, id like to be able to use sslstrip in a different context. In a internet connection sharing context. The setup im trying to achieve is simple: My laptop connects to my own private network I share the internet in my backtrack vm The internet is forwarded with iptables rules to my router (pineapple) you know the rest. I am able to sniff the traffic passing truh my laptop. When i use the usual iptables rules for sslstrip, ICS goes down for the victims.... I believe and obviously hat the iptables rules must be different in a ICS context, rather then using arpspoof. Am i right ? Anyonme can point me in the right direction, or the right iptables rules ? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the answer. The setup im trying to do is: Pineapple connected from it's ethernet port to my windows 7 laptop ethernet port. Internet is provided from my windows 7 wifi card, shared in windows 7 to my laptop ethernet port. Backtrack5 is running as a vm and want to use it to monitor traffic on my ethernet port with eth0 or eth1 Not sure how to configure eth0 to listen to traffic on my laptop ethernet port.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I have successuflly donde so on my backtrack netbook, however, im unbale to sniff eth0 in vmware as imnot sure how to configure it (nat, bridged, host-only....) so i can sniff the network traffic shared by my wifi card and ethernet card hosted on windows. I dont think ill be in deep shit sniffing my girlfriend and brothers traffic. But thanks for the warning.
  6. What is the best setup to capture some traffic and sniff it ? How to do so ? 1) Pineapple Windows 7 with wmware and backtrack5 Cell phone to tether internet 2) Pineapple Direct backtrack5 laptop cell phone to tether internet I got the working tether internet on both solutions. I got my pineapple working. I also got the internet redirection working on backtrack, however, what is best to analyse traffic. You know, i want to see the goodnesss....passwords, usernames, urls etc... not pure ip packets....
  7. I got to successfully reflash to a virgin pineapple. Now im trying to connect via ethernet to pineapple from my backtrac netbook. However, even if im on the same subnet ips ( for pineapple and for backtrack) I cannot ping or connect to the interface via web. Any ideas ?
  8. I got a fonera, back a few months ago and flash it. Had some fun with it. Now, i see that the Pineapple MK3 has a new interface and more tools. Where can you get these software to flash your won pineapple ?
  9. it is the open-mesh om1p as found here: http://www.open-mesh.com/index.php/professional/professional-mini-router-us-plugs.html
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