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  1. Dries Buytaert on Drupal Businesses, Drupal 8... http://t.co/0A0qFvNI via @LinuxForYou

  2. Wishing a Happy and Abundant New Year to all. Got a feeling 2012 is going to be a wild ride.

  3. The Coming War on General Purpose Computation http://t.co/4DUYRXRY via @BoingBoing

  4. Check out jEdit: http://t.co/HGycoGnQ It close to my old fave BRIEF where got my first job in computer biz.

  5. I used to support Borland Turbo C a great tool in its day. Borland eventually released Turbo C to the public domain so if you google for it you'll find it on many sites for download. It's old, but C hasn't changed that much. Otherwise the GNU C is available and will be more current.
  6. Keep learning about networking and how OS's are designed. Learn to program in a low level language that puts you more in touch with the system like C. That will help with understanding buffers, stacks, and so on. The more you learn the more you find there is to learn.
  7. The return of the dumb terminal http://t.co/7WPpJ7wZ Just replacing Token Ring with Wifi. Booooo!!!!

  8. Al reet, up early & to the gym a lot less crazy. Now rev'ed up and ready to code all day. w00t-w00t!!

  9. I've done it in the past and its not fast and with OS's getting bigger and bigger I wouldn't try it these days. It was a popular way to install Debian and I believe you can still do it. You have to boot a minimal installer then pull all the packages across the net. A place I worked at a couple years ago they made custom Windows installs and would distribute the ISO to all the remotes sites. They experimented with network install. Again it required a special boot disk that connected back to HQ and then pull all the CAB's and config info across the net. It was a slow process so ended up only used it later for very special install they didn't want to distribute ISO's for.
  10. How To Root the Kindle Fire http://t.co/jI9WkEW3 via @RWW

  11. How long does it take for masses to learn when connected to any network, set bullshit filters to MAX! http://t.co/DQpRtP0Y

  12. I have HP printer and it doesn't work on both wired and wireless at same time you have to switch config's. Maybe Dell the same????
  13. fail, fail, fail, WIN!

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