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  1. Sweet! I will try to think of some ideas.
  2. Guess what, it works now that I rebuilt it outside the case. Thanks, VaKo, and all of you!
  3. I have noticed this in multiple schools, libraries, and even my job--it is pretty ridiculous. I think the best thing to do is what you did, ZeroBeat...make people aware. People are so unaware of what (can) lurks in an insecure system, and it's not their fault. Good choice, ZeroBeat.
  4. Nope. Just to let you guys know, this isn't a HUGE deal, so for those of you who have grown weary of this topic, you're more than welcome to leave. It's just fun--to me at least--to figure out what's wrong with something.
  5. Yes, I have tried a different monitor, but thanks. No, I don't have any beeps, so I guess I'm screwed. All of the parts that I have are from multiple other old computers that I have received over time from repairing computers (mostly junk that people are throwing away). But, I decided to put all of the junk together to make a decent Linux/XP machine. Some specs: RAM--768mb HD--60gb Video Card--ATI Radeon 9000 64M DDR TVO All of these things were together in the other computer, including the MB. So, It must be the case, PSU, or a fried MB. I will post MB specs when I later...sorry.
  6. That could possibly be it, but I've used the case before and it worked fine? Although, like I think you're saying, it could just be that motherboard with that case. By the way, I switched the 300w PSU out with a 350w PSU just in case, but still no luck.
  7. I know this sounds like I'm trying to be ridiculous and rude, but I'm not: Why would rebuilding it out of the case do anything different?
  8. Yes, it is. I'm at work right now, but I will find out the wattage ASAP.
  9. Okay, where will this place be that I stick the paper clip in?
  10. Thanks for all of the info on what could have gone wrong, VaKo, and all of you guys. Unfortunately, what I've come to is what you have explained above, which will be time consuming. I'm going to try taking out the battery, then go to this last resort. I'll keep you guys posted if anything good happens. If you guys have any suggestions, they are still needed. (I just don't understand why the fans and everything would still be working.) "Many semiconductor devices used in electronics are extremely sensitive to the presence of static electricity and can be damaged by a static discharge." -Wiki god. ....Thanks for that detailed info. [edit]
  11. Hey guys, I'm on vacation right now, but I will try every posted when I get back on Monday.
  12. Yeah, I put the PSU in first, however, I didn't have it plugged in. So should I just take the MB battery out, wait, then put it back in, and restart?
  13. Nope, no beeps. No, the fans just go on.....forever haha. So, I guess I should try reconnecting the power to the MB, then reset the CMOS?
  14. I would, but that other motherboard is very, very old.
  15. So I zapped my motherboard, Sparda? I just followed the rule "touch something metal to ground yourself."
  16. Good point, but the MB was working in the other case that I had it in?
  17. Thank you for all the possible reasons, but what I don't understand is somehow all the hardware worked previous to the case changing. Basically, I had two mediocre computers and one nice case, so I wanted to make one "good" computer. As of now, should I just put everything back where it belongs and troubleshoot from there?
  18. Yes, they do. (Sorry for the quick response, I'm at work)
  19. I recently switched my motherboard, RAM, and HD to another case. In the case there was already CD drives and a power supply. Now, when I used the computer in the other case, it worked perfectly. When I turn the CPU and monitor on, the monitor just stays in standby. So, I'm guessing that the problem has something to do with the video card (ATI Radeon 9000 64M DDR TVO SN: A024600046903) or the way that I attached the power switch and LEDs to the motherboard, but I have no idea. I have tried multiple old, crappy video cards, so that makes me think that the problem exists in the power and reset button (I hooked them up to what seemed to be the right connectors). I have included a picture of my motherboard that probably wont help at all. Up in the top right you can see all of the connectors for the power and reset buttons:
  20. I'm pretty sure that it is just the power supply, because it wouldn't even turn on when plugged in (I also tried a different cord/outlet.) Thanks guys, but I think this stuff is a bit too much trouble to go through for a trashed monitor.
  21. I have an lcd monitor that got its power supply fried (internally) and I was wondering if there was someway to use just the screen on a different computer. I am but a beginner modder, and all the different colored wires are overwhelming. I'm pretty sure that this is near impossible, but if any one can help, that would be great. It was being thrown away, so I'd rather just put it to some sort of use.
  22. Yeah, I tried that then restarted my computer and it still booted up in Ubuntu? Can you think of a reason why it didn't install? I clicked the complete uncompressed install. Maybe I did it wrong. I set target to hd1. The only problem that I can think of would be where it says "Source (BackTrack 2 CD)" then there's a blank, as if I should tell it where the CD is.
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