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  1. Some PDA's and cell phones are very limited. but it seems like you don't have a clue what iam talking about. if you go back to a couple post and read redxine post he understands exactly what i want to do with it.
  2. Well in the day of Albert Einstein, Alexander graham bell and other great inventors like them came up with bright ideas and people thought that they were crazy and what they are doing is logically crazy but in the long run everyone is no able to benefit from it. Thanks for the constructive criticism.
  3. you said the exact thing what i want it to do and I think it can really be done. i was looking at a couple of devices and 1 device in particular caught my eye.the wireless usb modem that a ISP provide for internet anywhere. if iam correct that device receive transmission from cellphone towers. Some ISP cellphone towers also provide GPS signal. i just have to figure out how to make it work as intended
  4. hey guys my ISP just gave me a wireless usb modem to access the internet anywhere i go. Currently it works on my windows machine. i was wondering if anyone knows how to get it to work with suse 11.2 or backtrack 4.
  5. yea something like this iam looking for but more compact and with gps and jaseger all builtin to it
  6. i was kinda of thinking to build a unit that combines jasager the zipit and GPS all together. basically the jasager would do it job as you all known what it does. the zipit can be used to install airmon-ng, aireplay-ng ang aircrack-ng, etc. the GPS device would be used to locate a wireless ap or wireless ap client. so for example the gps would tell you how far the wireless ap is from your present location and tell you the exact location where the wireless ap is or if someone hack your wireless you would be able to track there ip address and use the gps to know exactly where they are lo
  7. right now GPS are programmed to talk to satellites. but iam sure with the right code it can talk to a wireless ap and know the exact location where it is
  8. yea you see my point. its like creating a unit that has the power of the jasager with a GPS attached to it and the zipit all put together to do fun stuff
  9. i think its possible if you could find the right hardware to do it. I think the Iphone or the Android are only 2 possible phones it can be done with. Windows base pda and smart phone you will have to check out there hardware compaitblity and do some serious programming to make it work. I think if you can get a version linux installed on it with all the device hardware working correctly and you can connect to the internet with the phone you can download skype for linux and dial out. Its a really great idea if you think about it woo hoo
  10. If i get it to work effectivly on my own it maybe on sale but i prefer to have it open source to the community so improvements can be made to it.
  11. Hi guys I have this great idea that just might be able to work. I was wondering if its possible if you can take a regular car GPS and program it to find the physical location of an ip or mac address of a wired or wireless AP or wireless client and display information like open port numbers, network traffic, protocols, etc.
  12. My name is Angelo aka MIGHTY aka 5 STAR GENERAL Favourite game: COD4 Favourite OS: N/A Favourite console: PC/PS# Nationality: CANDA Accent: Generic Sex: Male Age: N/A Race: HUMAN Height: 6'4 Status: N/A Build: PC Favourite band: N/A Favourite book: N/A Favourite author: N/A Favourite movie: STAR TREK Favourite director: CAN't REMEMBER Favourite TV Show: STAR TREK, DR HOUSE ,CSI Favourite actor: N/A Favourite actress: N/A Favourite Pinup: N/A Favourite Comedian:JAMINE FOX Other hobbies: PROGRAMMING Car: PORSHE 911 Occupation:SOFTWARE ENGINEER /
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