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  1. hey got a question about my laptop, the other day the clips that holds one stick of memory in broke, does anyone know how I could fix this, was thinking of gluing the clips back on or using electrical tape to hold memory in place, but looking for suggestions first.
  2. if I rememer correctly they are replacing the hd they wiping them and putting them I other machines at other site when they have the same problem
  3. this is actually the same machine that had that many bsod's and had hard drives crash 4 times now
  4. so Iam beginning to think that it is actually the software and not the hardware
  5. The company I work for just recently went into a partnership with another company, the new company brought in new office computers, now this partnership took place 5 months ago. In that five months our office computer has had like 20 bsod's and we also had to replace the 3 750gb hard drives 4 times now. The three hd are in raid as one large hd so everytime they crash we lose everything. Now IT told me the reason the hard drives keep failing is because two of the hd are upside down on the bottom of the case. they are secured down but I didn't think that having a hard drive being upside down would cause them to go bad like that. Any way not really looking for help just thought it was kinda weird and that everyone would get a kick out of it.
  6. yes, along with the hak5 black tee
  7. here is my hak5 sticker placement, will add rest when I decide where they are going
  8. ok I will upload them friday night and saturday morning
  9. I can upload the rest of the AmuateurLogicTV eps if you want justemail me flames17@gmail.com Do I have to Join the IPTV Channel? And if so join me up
  10. thanks guys, and after reading smoothcriminals info I probely will not keep it
  11. Today at work I was offered a Catalyst 2950 Desktop Switch for free, I was not too sure what it was used for but as they were just going to trash it, I figured I take it anyway. Now here's the question what is a switch used for? I will be probly selling it or making a trade with a friend for something tech related but I was wondering if I could use it for anything first before I sell or trade it. Any help would be good!
  12. I had the wrong port changed it and it's still timing out do you know why I would be able to connect on my laptop but not my desktop both are behind my dlink router
  13. can you give me the cserver info and I'll compare against mine
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