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  1. That's odd! I had to recompile to get it to work. Yes I was thinking that conversations might be encrypted but I can see chats in clear text in Wireshark.. they're just difficult to look at because of the hex formatting :)
  2. rm -rf eh? Wowzer, that sounds totally 1337 - Let me try it immediately! :) I've tried msgsnarf but experience similar results. Had thought about scripting something to parse the Wireshark output but why reinvent the wheel if there's stuff already out there that'll do the job.. I'm using an x64 instance of BT5R1 running as a virtual machine on a Hyper-V Core box - Wireshark needs to be removed and recompiled from source in x64 BT5R1 - The default is for it to be b0rk. Not sure if that's relevant but thought I'd throw it out there anyway.
  3. Hey guys - I'm doing a demonstration on vulnerabilities in Instant Messaging but I'm having a problem finding a reliable MSN Sniffer on Linux. I've tried 'imsniff' which comes with backtrack and using a MITM arp spoofing attack on a virtual machine I am unable to sniff any conversations. If I enable verbose logging on imsniff using the -vvv switch it just tells me 'unknown data from an unknown conversation - skipping'. I can use Wireshark/Tshark to sniff conversations successfully but I need something cleaner. I've looked at msnshadow but its impossible to install. you need 14 billion different libraries to even remotely get it working. Any ideas? :)
  4. I've tried RC5 of IM Sniffer (http://imsniffer.sourceforge.net/) but it seems to lock up under Windows 7 - Anyone know of any other good free ware IM Sniffers that work under Windows 7?
  5. Gave up smoking about 10 years ago!
  6. Hey guys, how did everyone get on after the pub switch? I had to leave early !!
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