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  1. ugh, just when i thought you were going to nail it down. I'll see if i can stop back later tonight and we can tear it up together. TILL THEN!
  2. Ah , sorry for the misunderstanding there. , Well i'm glad you finally where able to get S2 talking with CAD. :) I'm still studying up on all of this.... schtuff! < sigh > I'm a quick study but even with 10 cups of coffee I don't know if I will be able to catch up with you :) Sunday is my birthday, so i won't be around to much. See you guys all monday and good luck!
  3. ...See where you are going with this. (Completely took for granted the station names and event handlers) It's not easy digesting new code for me, you seem to have a killer instinct for this. o.O You got one over one me :) From what I can tell you want an extra process to handle the callbacks, now that might mean re-integrating controls back to the main client, and I know thats something you don't want to do. Is that going to be a dormant process once the post messages are received and responded to ? I don't mind the extra pipes as long as there is no water constantly flowing threw them. Anyways, I Suppose it doesn't really matter much since it would be very bleeding edge. .NET is waaaaaay over my head, so you got me. I can just barely understand VB and a touch of C. I'll have to look at the SDK some more and do some reading up on how .NET works. As well as doing some more digesting of CAD's overall coding structure. =/ We'll see what happens. Thanks by the way! ~X
  4. Now it looks like there are more pipes than we need/want with it. I'm beginning to think it might be more trouble than its worth. It's got .NET and VB roots but alas. Some things I noticed about it too.... You have to change a song in order for the values to print. So either the first song won't print if the player is started first. Or the user would have to wait for the next song to start. It also doesn't have Last.FM scrobbling like i thought :( I was however able to find a Last.FM scrobbler that was just put together for grooveshark. But it doesn't have live listening support. UGH. The sauce, its weak. :( ps: I'm started to get really aggravated with all this cold weather too. wtf. Anyways....I'll talk to carlos and see what he can brew up for us all.
  5. you have PM :) Please let me know as soon as you can when you receive it.
  6. SDK for CAD coming in 2 days! I made the payment 2 hours ago. :))))))) :P
  7. Freenode is logistically blocking mibbit thats why i ask. Maybe a cloan is in order. :)
  8. If the irc client is standalone and using java could you set something up to connect to freenode with a different UID and ident ?
  9. Thank you for your hard work on this program and thank you for exercising strong ethics in its development. I implore everyone to make a donation. Expect one from me soon.
  10. I was wondering the same thing.
  11. Sorry I should have said CAD is 10$ for a 10 year license per there beta prices. All that is needed however is one license to acquire the SDK
  12. you should put your paypal donate link directly in your signature too ~.-
  13. This is actually what I am getting to. This particular skin (the one on the left) (the one in the middle is a little ugly). http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs42/i/2009/158...n_by_Lylndn.png This is nice and neat , and pretty aesthetic in my humble opinion
  14. Not surprising, you need to have access to the beta. (which costs 10$ for a 10 year license)... I'll see what I can do. They have a full SDK available for "premium" users. Unless I can find the SDK by "other" means, It will have to be next week. I've been planing to buy into the dev. version for a while. I haven't played with this program in a while, however it seems from a birds eye view that its the best match for S2! This would take care of all the features and issues we are claming about. - Last.FM scrobbling (I _THINK_) , not sure about this one. But I THINK CAD does this. - Feeds - Skinable GUI - Album Art display support And it would bring development by others as well. (for skins and the SDK) .... Then again this is all up to you, as its your baby.
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