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  1. I have used Saver2 generated playlists in several players (AIMP2 is my current favorite) and all works well until iTunes. Now I remember why I haven't used it since v5... Anyway, I can import Saver2 generated playlists and iTunes will process the list and allow me to play the songs right away, however after i close iTunes and come back to the playlist later, iTunes can not find the songs. I am currently using iTunes for my ipod touch and no matter what I do I can not get the playlist to transfer to my ipod. So.. I load up the playlist in AIMP2...re-save the playlist with a slightly different name and everything works fine in iTunes...playng and transfering... Saver2 not running during iTunes secessions iTune Aimp2 (portable) 2.11 (15.03.2008) Any ideas why this is happening? iTunes? or PS2 generated playlist?
  2. I just upgraded to the install version and I must say that I like the progress you are making on this awesome app. When I use the Pandora client it no longer displays song title or artist. I went through advanced config and couldn't find where to turn this on. I originally used the installer in late December and now I am seeing a discrepancy in the version info after downloading and updating to the current version today... SProxy title bar displays 1.2.1a SProxy Config displays 12/26/2009 - v1.2.1a however Saver2Core 1.2.2 Not a big deal really but I was wondering if I am actually up to date? Is this linked to not seeing song/artist?
  3. I don't have any of the __Grooveshark settings in my advanced config. Where can I get the current plugin? By the way this project is awesome!
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