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  1. I really enjoy your program. I do have a bug report for you though: When listening with the client sometimes I will pause and remove my headphones, plug them back in and try to play the music again. For some reason when this happens the client shows it is playing the music but I can't hear anything. Also, when I close the client to reopen it after this hiccup it will hang and subsequently crash. Thanks!
  2. It is working great! Thanks so much! Great work!
  3. I have. It's not really what I am looking for. I like to setup playlists and let the songs play and download while I am away.
  4. Any news on fixing it for Grooveshark? Not trying to rush you, just wondering. :)
  5. Just tried to use this on grooveshark. Looks like it updated. Would that stop this program from working? It was working fine like two weeks ago. Thanks.
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