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  1. I would like to know where (or if I can) edit the conf file that hostapd uses? I found one conf file in /var/run but I see that is replaced by the pineapple so I am assuming (and hoping) there is another file or script i can edit to make changes. I did look and grep around some but can't find what sets the options. I want to do this to use the pineapple to host a wpa2 AP with a known passphrase, without karma running. Basically make it an AP but also use tcpdump, urlsnarf and the other features from the pinapple control. Yes I know I could do it with my laptop directly in BT5 but I don't have a supported wilan adapter and this seems like it should work. thanks!
  2. Is anybody else with Pandora One finding it automatically lowering the quality a lot on them particularly in the evening? I checked some bandwidth tests and my DSL is doing ok ~1900Kbps so I believe it's slow on their end. I really don't want it resetting itself to low quality. Thanks ** DOH, I think I found my own answer and am now using the Pandora Client which doesn't seem to care. Still funny how the web client was so choppy and having problems and the client is ok, but so far so good with it.
  3. Hi, I've been using it for some time now and recently without any change that I can think of that I did I am getting "Unable to rename file ..... Cannot create a file when that file already exists." It seems to be happening all the time now (unless that song was already there for real). When this happens if I go to that folder I find a .tmp file but no mp3 there already. A sample log file for that event: 10/24/2009 2:26:02 PM Pandora: sniffed Lady Gaga - "Just Dance" on 'The Fame' (ID S1109246) 10/24/2009 2:26:02 PM Saver2: Processing song Lady Gaga - "Just Dance" on 'The Fame' (ID S1109246) 10/24/2009 2:26:02 PM Saver2: File already exists! (S:\MP3s\Lady Gaga\The Fame\Lady Gaga - Just Dance.mp3) When I go to the save folder I have a .tmp file there but not the mp3 file. I re-downloaded the newest version and same result, rebooted, tried the usual. I have version 1.100c built on Sat 05 Sep 2009 20:12:58 As a test I moved the output folder to a local drive from my server share, and it works now. I'd prefer direct write to server but I can deal with this for now at least. One more note I doubt it permissions since the file is being written and I can manually rename it just fine. If you have any suggestions of a way to make it more tolerant of what I'm guessing is network latency in renaming the tmp file let me know please! I looked the advanced config over but nothing jumped out at me as likely to help. Thanks!
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