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  1. I went in and checked manually on the copy file, there were some issues copying files (along with writing the ISO :P) and the like. It might have been due to the 64-kernel config on the drive or summat... The ISO was close to completely empty, which explains the booting problem, but hopefully that'll be resolved--I'm testing it on a new flash drive shortly. The Leapos Payload works perfectly, it's just the APE that's having a bit of trouble.
  2. So, I installed everything and the ISO is 294k or summat. Is that normal? Also, when I try booting from it, the computer gets stuck on the Bios boot screen. I'm fairly new to this, so it's entirely possible that I'm doing something wrong. Any suggestions? :P
  3. "KeySh - Picks random key, and turns computer off when pressed" That made my day. DLing now.
  4. Hey, great job on the PK developing, I just tried it out and it's working incredibly. Very diverse, and it has a bunch of random capabilities I love. Props to you.

  5. three-zero-three :D First post :P That's Central CO's primary (Boulder ftw).
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