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  1. I was but it wasn't set up with DHCP. I set it up as a DHCP server and i was able to connect to the fon. I tried it again and i am unable to connect the fon :( The missle light is on steady and flashes every know and then. What does that mean? I go the the DHCP ip table and i can't see the Fon and can't find it with nmap. I am using the range -> is that okay? any suggestions of hoe to get it too work. Initially the wifi worked on it and now i noticed that the Pinaple SSID is no longer available.... I am having such bad luck with this :(
  2. I was wondering if someone can help me here. I was a real noob and when setting up the fon for the dhcp and I selected apply the changes but now it has changed tht IP address but i don't know it. Can anyone help me? can we reset the fon or something?
  3. nah. This pineapple is one that was made by Darren... I live in Australia so wasn't bothered using the substitute wifi AP of the Fon. I have tried with other cables and no luck. I might try it in xp or linux
  4. Man I wished it was that easy for me.... for some reason my fon isn't connecting to my laptop via Ethernet
  5. Oh k cool... you may be able to help me. I have all the settings correct and the pineapple is plugged into my macbook pro's ethernet port but my laptop tells me that the cable isn't plugged in as seen in the picture. Any ideas?
  6. Is anyone running a pinapple on Mac OSX? I am having some problems connecting to the fon with an ethernet cable and wounder if anyone can help me.
  7. I would use the power adapter but i live in Australia, we use 240v doesn't USA use 120? I don't want to fry my fon. Yeah i was trying to set my mac ethernet port to or but it kept saying that there is not ethernet cable plugged in. Some times it said it was in but it would go away after a while... Maybe the battries are low. Thats all i can think of... Aparently I need to set up a DHCP server... I found this DHCP setup on max osx So i have been following that but have had no success yet :(
  8. Hey guys I just purchased a Fon from the store and it looks like it is broken...Maybe its me but I don't think so. I unboxed the Fon, turned it on and plugged in the ethernet cable to my mac book pro. I then changed the IP for the Ethernet port to something in the 192.168.1.* range and when attempting to connect to the Fon, it would fail to connect or ping. Also sometimes the mac said there was an ethernet cable plugged in and all of a sudden the Ethernet disconnects. In order to connect it again i have to restart the fon and unplug the ethernet cable and plug it back in after I turned it back on again. Does anyone know what is wrong and how I can fix it? I am quite concerned as i just purchased the product and I am yet to test it out on my network. Could it be the batteries?
  9. I have an iPhone with 3.0 and tethering enabled... my pinaple is coming next week so I am gonna try using the iPhone as the internet from the fon.
  10. sweet... yeah I will have to think about which account to get.
  11. hey your from Australia as well BieRHeDD :) Yeah true they don't aye. haha yeah bloody filtering idea is crap. oh right wow i learned something about usenet and .nzb files Yeah I have TPG 200GB plan, its sick... thats why i need the new HDD's... run out of space too quickly :P esp when my ADSL 2 lets me download at 2MB/s max :) constant 2MB/s for everything would be sweet. Have you got a giganews account or something similar to that?
  12. Fair enough I understand it now... sounds pretty cool... although I am able to RDP to my server and download torrents this will be better :) haha fibre connection :P I wish i had a fibre connection... bloody Australia internet is hopeless at the moment. When i go to the administration settings it has an option about default bitTorrent client... whats that all about. What do u have it set to miT? sure I will most likely be on the IRC after the exams. So is Newsgroup realy good? Does it have everything there and fast speeds?
  13. K i just installed torrent flux on my VM image of Ubuntu 8.04 (testing image) i have a number of questions about getting it to work propperly but I should be studying for exams so i will ask them later... One thing.. whats the point of torrentflux? it needs a torrent client as well right? and can it scheduale downloads say like at midnight till 9am then stop downloading? nah haven't used newsgroups... ah right sweet... sounds good... looks loke a good holiday project for me all this stuff :)
  14. lol yeah i suppose i didn't know that linux had a torrent client like torrent flux and i certainly didn't know they had azurues on linux... lol idn how i went past that one :P yeah ubuntu with uTorrent & Wine is alright.... the odd lock up iof the OS every month or so but other than that i really didn't see an issue. Now that i have time and money... i want to fix that mistake :)
  15. Yeah It should be good. oh right yeah thats a good idea... have a spare 1TB in case one dies and you need to get the raid up quick. ohh right the software RAID, cool... I think i will do a hardware RAID... the hightpoint cards now have Ubuntu support with their software so i should be good with that...i hope :P If i have issues i will ask you how u did the software raid. Nice speed man... 80MB/s... is hardware RAID faster? So yeah there is software and driver support for linux and drivers for Ubuntu. Yeah I might not use Ubuntu server if i am gonna use GNOME. Something just clicked man... I have a P4 and my mother board doesn't have PCI Express support... what should I do? they don't have PCI express motherboards for P4 do they? what do you recommend i get?
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