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  1. I was thinking of going with straigt talk for its unlimited talk, text, web browsing option. The problem is that the phone is designed to not be able to be teathered with a laptop as a modem. I was wondering if any of you might know of a way to cheat this, allowing it to be used on as a modem.


  2. Hello, are you trying to use the computer as a file server only or something?

    If you are getting an error when trying to load without the monitor pluged into the graphics card, try removing the card all together then try loading. If ubuntu does not load the card for use maybe that will bypass the problem, but Im not too sure.

    If you give that a try let us know if it works.

    Good luck!

  3. Konboot patches the kernel on the fly. I cannot remember if any modifications are written to the disk. I was taught with my forensic courses to kind of always think in a manner that will not alter data and keeping things from being modified as much as possible. That in a forensic case will not only kill your reputation as a forensic examiner, but may cause legal issues for tampering with evidence.

    Konboot just patches the kernel to avoid passwords. Same can be done with any linux live CD/DVD. I kind of don't understand the point in cracking user logins when you can just boot from a live CD/DVD and access all the files that way.

    Good info, Thanks! But I think the point of something like kon boot would be great for loading a computer into its native OS and settings so that if someones grandma (or something) forgot there password they could get in and go through and backup things they want before formating or something like that. If you tried to get my grandma to boot a live CD and use linux to browes her folders she would prbably catch on fire haha :lol:

  4. I am starting a new job Monday that involes level 1 and 2 support along with some low-level sys admin and got there from being a service desk lackey for around 18 months. Entry level positions can be a big help and some corporations also will fund training for you. I have no formal certification and did not go to university, I am completely self taught and I beat several University graduates for the job. You need to get stuck right in and don't be scared of starting rights at the bottom.

    Congrats on the new job.... Thats cool that you were able to beat out college grads for the job.... Just goes to show that when you know what your doing there is no limit to what you can achieve.... Let us now how the job goes.

  5. I have been wanting to get a projector for some time now and I am tired of thinking about it and am ready to get one... but I don't really know all that much about them...

    What is a good brand name?

    What features should I look for?

    Where is a cheap but reliable place to buy?

    What type of screen should be used?

    ... and so on

    I would like to stay as close to $500 as possible, but not exceed $1000

    Any info will be very appreciated...


  6. I came across this nifty little program called Glass2k that will allow you to make windows in 2000/XP transparent... You can control the level of transparency using keyboard short cuts that are listed on the posted link... Another cool feature is that you can set Glass2k to load at startup or you can just turn it on and off as you please... I'm sure some of you probably have already seen this program or others like it, but I thought I would share it anyway...Hope some of you find it useful B)

    The link says it is an archived website and is no longer in use, but the download still seems to work.


  7. I would suggest taking the icons off the desktop and putting them someplace else (like the taskbar, add another level to it if you have to).

    If you really want to keep the where they are though, you might give Stardock Fences a try (assuming you're on windows). I used it once and was quite happy with it...

    Thanks for a quick reply...

    I am running vista ( I guess I should have said that in the first place haha)

    I took a look at Stardock Fences.... Looks sweet.... I will download it and see how it works out...


  8. Ok...

    I have a lot of icons on my desktop and I have them all organized into groups so they are easy to find when I need them...

    But whenever I hook the laptop up to the TV the resolution changes and my icons go crazy :blink: ...

    Any ideas on a way to stop this?

    Thanks!! :D

  9. Whats up guys

    (and girls where applicable ;) )

    I just came across this little program called "Glass2k" and I thought it was pretty cool.

    It will take any window in XP and make it transparent.

    It even does it to the task bar.

    I don't know if this has ever been posted before, but I thought I would share it just in case it hasn't.

    Here's the link if you want to give it a try... There are also a few other neat programs one that page, but the Glass2k is the only one I have tried.


    EDIT>> Just thought I would share, I just found out that it even works on winamp... My desktop is now big pimpin haha <<EDIT

  10. I built this tool Super Snooper which is a box that sits on my dash and logs wifi points as I drive around. Looks a bit steampunk but it works.

    I can specifiy open or closed points if I need. It will log the access point name, MAC Address, Signal strength, logitude and latitude as well as security type to a SD card on the fly.

    My original idea was for Skyhook but they use PDA's with wifi and with mobiles coming out with GPS in them I think wifi postioning is dead.

    Perhaps I will do a segment on how to make one lol.

    For the hardware freaks.....

    GPS - EM-406A

    SD card controller - Microdrive

    Controller - Picaxe 28x1 (program in BASIC)

    WIFI - Lantronix WiPort

    Wow.... that's freaking cool!

    I think that should make its way to the show.


  11. I got this info from an ubuntu forum...

    Go to "Advanced Desktop Effect settings" , uncheck "Unredirect fullscreen windows" in "General Options". That gets it working correctly.

    In case you too have problems with full screen Flash videos displaying in a small window check "Support legacy fullscreen" in the plugin "Workaround".

    Beware that the latter WILL get Firefox to keep a bug from a previous RC that makes changing tabs or selecting text not as responsive as it should

    As far as how to prevent the issue with having to delete your profile... I have no idea.

    I don't know too much about Ubuntu (yet! lol), but I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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