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  1. Hey, just wondering if there is a way to get the pandora client to download only the songs that are thumbed up instead of all the songs that are played except the ones that are thumbed down. Is that possible? And just to clarify, there is no other way currently to download mp3 files except by the pandora client?
  2. Yeah, pandora plays fine in IE and FF without Fiddler running. But with it running it doesn't play music in IE. It's working in firefox now though. Thanks ZZJ!
  3. Okay, I got an error on starting up fiddler and pandora Here is pandora saver log: Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-a-2.pandora.com/access/.....YblCQCggPrWsofe Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-t1-2.pandora.com/access/....a9zrwOmGwiofkAU Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-t2-1.pandora.com/access/....jeb6%2FyFhuJV%2 Inspecting XML doc: http://www.pandora.com/radio/x...3=5753714...mp;arg6=aacplus Sniffed playlist answer Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-a-1.pandora.com/access/.....1MlxVDe5zoV14z% Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-t1-2.pandora.com/access/....DEzU4flXrFfyzOC Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-a-2.pandora.com/access/.....a36GZ%2Fg1v9ZsA Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-a-1.pandora.com/access/.....ehfO6YczxGaLW9C Inspecting XML doc: http://www.pandora.com/radio/x...3=5753917...mp;arg6=aacplus Sniffed playlist answer Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-a-2.pandora.com/access/.....Hp4iYTqJYAAKhKf Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-t1-1.pandora.com/access/....G5vLGXfkr4kAg3p Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-a-2.pandora.com/access/.....kP1WjmHr4XO%2F3 Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-a-1.pandora.com/access/.....dTInJAip6nvm6VR Inspecting XML doc: http://www.pandora.com/radio/x...3=5754181...mp;arg6=aacplus Sniffed playlist answer Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-t2-1.pandora.com/access/....WR7YHM%2BQnI3Ft Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-t1-1.pandora.com/access/....yYlsGB4Sl8SHCvf Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-a-1.pandora.com/access/.....HiNQbscEmUUlYfi Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-a-1.pandora.com/access/.....%2BkHykh%2Bt7ic Inspecting XML doc: http://www.pandora.com/radio/x...3=5754543...mp;arg6=aacplus Sniffed playlist answer Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-t1-1.pandora.com/access/....jC5AJqw2N3dyMLZ Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-a-1.pandora.com/access/.....J5nL2T%2B%2Fk6e Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-a-1.pandora.com/access/.....AYWf33aVOO4DawE Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-t1-2.pandora.com/access/....No9CJajaRYihec% Inspecting XML doc: http://www.pandora.com/radio/x...3=5755087...mp;arg6=aacplus Sniffed playlist answer Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-a-1.pandora.com/access/.....Ux5D1JaPYM6a%2B Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-t1-1.pandora.com/access/....%2BTRE8PwjOzm1S Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-t1-2.pandora.com/access/....2F9G09Vz1Ercbbc Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-a-2.pandora.com/access/.....uR%2BZcjiA5%2Fi Inspecting XML doc: http://www.pandora.com/radio/x...3=5755884...mp;arg6=aacplus Sniffed playlist answer Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-t1-1.pandora.com/access/....m6%2F0PjxMxtTsa Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-a-2.pandora.com/access/.....CPefkgoH1BRlLx% Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-a-2.pandora.com/access/.....rnKiK2hcUJYbTJW Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-t1-2.pandora.com/access/....HSEJ92nuajFNbDb Inspecting XML doc: http://www.pandora.com/radio/x...3=5757061...mp;arg6=aacplus Sniffed playlist answer Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-a-1.pandora.com/access/.....Inhb%2FQqcp9ySL Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-t1-1.pandora.com/access/....zsGpSWQWkIenooa Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-a-1.pandora.com/access/.....%2BoLlfG%2Bs%2F Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-a-2.pandora.com/access/.....BtrgBOtsl6Bopce Inspecting XML doc: http://www.pandora.com/radio/x...3=5758807...mp;arg6=aacplus Sniffed playlist answer Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-t1-2.pandora.com/access/....2Fl0mwfF7%2F%2F Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-a-1.pandora.com/access/.....6ZGpL52lEszT6GE Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-t2-1.pandora.com/access/....BAZGsS0PU1aSLOy Got audio url: http://audio-sjl-t1-1.pandora.com/access/....U1yd7z2Rajgco8R
  4. Hey, I have fiddler installed and copied all the files over. I'm using internet explorer but Fiddler 2 is not capturing any of my songs. Windows also asked me when I started if I wanted to run the lame.exe and faad.exe files. I said to run them. But I just get the IE click noise and it moves on to the next song after a couple seconds like its failed to capture the song. I have the screenshot as an attachment. Can anyone help me with this?
  5. Hey ZZJ, Could you post an install guide please. I had a it working awhile back with the first version but now I can't get it to work so I'm trying to re-install it.
  6. @Hobbit - with mine, it always says no-cache, no-store must revalidate for the cache control when it doesn't save a song. @Mopar man - I have a lot of stations. It never gives me the "pandora is trying to figure out what song to play next" message when I don't have fiddler running or trying to use pandora saver. I normally don't play pandora in internet explorer because I use firefox but I started using it because fiddler uses it as the default. Although that might have nothing to do with it.
  7. Every once in awhile, the song doesn't download and pandora stops playing songs giving me a message that says it will take awhile to load the song. Here is the Fiddler header for it: GET /access/?version=4&lid=5792870&token=JLcDdTBnBenPmRVJGnstTWcKwtp68U16vP3OnPbk6HKAnMUpspCPAv91hfP9l1NP3v CwfLM92H7OcH32ZDN9%2BmvqpSqUGyNGiGToGkjOU6FsmBrLAqOVq5iy8grz53ORlxiKqII WEZU40D8VcuXuuwoDVokUWAbX7eZY29EKaFPVOvlkCn201aNWBmZf1URGWJVg215vI6 mNNKJctmNtblS7Q4mdcRo64uHqvmqSFp6H6WHjndvE%2FH1heh1eVw5uyBHEHPYqMkhLk vMAP2%2BN%2F7nbkOwR1o5G8YqrcMs5dGVzpn0A3WpU%2FEyEtBoZDVHjSnGLbaHHDy Q%3D HTTP/1.1 Accept: */* Accept-Language: en-US x-flash-version: 10,0,12,36 UA-CPU: x86 Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727) Host: audio-sjl-a-2.pandora.com Connection: Keep-Alive Cookie: __utma=118078728.2557493278710950400.1229133171.1229230472.1229231430.3; __utmb=118078728.3.10.1229231430; __utmz=118078728.1229231430.3.3.utmcsr=live|utmccn=(organic)|utmcmd=organic|utmc tr=pandora; __qca=49431577-7d16c-61ded-1a6c4; at=wkVj9d6jZs91mtC4Ck3GDcI9HpMDseAvnQECEQizdTjZNJ5f54a4jmDgf69KEb7jagwKaKnp09ls%3D; v3ad=1:21:1:97331; omni=off; __utmc=118078728; __qcb=748457092 HTTP/1.1 200 OK Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008 05:52:26 GMT Server: Apache Content-Length: 1864829 Cache-Control: no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate, max-age=-1 Pragma: no-cache, no-store Expires: -1 Connection: close Content-Type: application/octet-stream
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