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  1. CFW is needed because, if i remember correctly, you need to install a program/patch called umdemulator that lets you run a UMD copy (ISO) on you psp without actually having the UMD version of it. sorry if any of thats incorrect, its been a a long time since i needed to describe or even install anything like this.
  2. exactly what i was looking forward to.
  3. if i was going to tell you who/what is was, then i wouldnt have made it an UNIDENTIFIED person.
  4. @sparda. its not on private property its also, not in a public place, from what i know. 3, its just for personal knowledge, unless it get out of hand. then i pass it to more powerful forces.
  5. that was a pretty interesting video, im gonna look more into that mologogo now. as for the phone, i might actually have one sitting around. thanks for the help.
  6. ok, so an unidentified person that i know, is acting a bit suspicious lately. i was wondering if anyone here knows a way that id be able to track them down using their cellphone number. i know that the iphone has a program that you an track other friends iphones, but i have verizon, and so does the other person. and no, its nt a dangerous "suspicious" and also, im not gonna go to the cops for it [ive tried another non-hacking forum, and they've all said report it to the popo. which isnt why id be asking for help.] any ideas? kthx. p.s. i didnt know if this is the right section for this, but move it if needed.
  7. im a pretty big gamer ill start from oldest (order i got them) sega genesis game boy color ps1 game boy advance xbox (x4) nintendo DS PSP (x2) ps2 slim Xbox 360 im not a big computer person: eee pc 1000 ha 2gb ram 160gb hdd 10" lcd screen winXP home SP3 ubuntu 8.10 (its the best computer in my house)
  8. ahh ok thanks. i uninstalled it and installed ubuntu 8.10 onto it. but im thinking of deleting that and making this into just a switchblade, that autoruns instead of my other one that i have to run each program seperately.
  9. ok, so ive had a 8gb cruzer micro with all the hacksaw and switchblade payload on it for a while now. and recently i "found" a geek squad u3 flash drive (2gb) is there anything special about this u3 system compared to the original u3 from cruzer? and im sorry if this is the wrong section, its just the only one about usb thx
  10. have minimal clue who you are, but happy birthday dude.
  11. 1Sniper

    COD 4 vs. COD 5

    deff cod4, cod5 (waw) just seems like a revamped re skineed version of cod4. plus, cod4 doesnt have the speed limit for shooting. i hate it in cod5, i limit myself all the time
  12. well sting, not everyone has a cd drive on their computer i am an example of this but i would like to know the same thing
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