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  1. Clustering won't help your gaming pretty much at all Clustering is good for stuff that doesn't care about latency and is processor intensive like video encoding, password cracking ect, but by the time it would take to bundle up game information and send it off to a different computer have that computer process it and get it back the info would be old and not needed any more. Generally the issue with gaming is lack of RAM so it has to pull info off the hard drive with is about 1/1000th the speed of ram not the processor
  2. I agree reading is a great way to learn, however haveing people who know where to start is just as valuable. Ya'll should know how many useless sights there are if you type in how to hack into google, and how many hacking tools are just big bundles of viruses waiting for someone to double click it? I am a newb and I learned some sights to look at just reading what ya'll typed in some trying to help and some mocking people. pauldotcom.com, happyhacker.org So I guess what I am trying to say is newbies read and experienced people share some of that knowlage as to what to read.
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    Switch detection

    Generally at least on Cisco stuff it looks at how many mac addresses you have on that port. If your looking for a way to get around this get any old router and hook that up. You'll be able to hook up a switch to that and since routers don't send any mac address other than their own it will look like just 1 computer. You may have issues with other people trying to get onto your computer though since you'll have a network that no router will point to. You'll be able to get out and onto other people's machines though easy enouph though. As for the arp thing ARP is generally active and going out looking for MAC addresses. Switches don't need to do this they just watch all ports and record the MAC address of the traffic that comes out of said ports. (it doesn't watch the destination MAC though just the source)
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