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  1. How does this handle the newly implemented audio ads?
  2. Hm, yes that makes sense. My portable player plays the mp4 as an audio file anyway, I wasn't sure. Thought it was going to try to play it as a video. bingo. I'd like to delete songs that were recorded in the session that i rate thumbs down.
  3. Awesome work guys, truly great. Only things I could think of that I'd like is a way to NOT download thumbed down songs. That way it will download ones that I haven't rated, as well as thumbed up ones. And also maybe rename the mp4 to aac? Or convert it to aac if that's what has to be done?
  4. i second both suggestions. also, total n00b question here, but is there anyway to save only songs that are rated a thumbs up? and let me throw my thanks into the ring too. job well done. by far the best and easiest method, and it actually works..all the time!
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