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  1. Ok, i see the lack of response after 5 days and come to the conclusion that none of you know whats going on either. I would really REALLY apreciate it if youd help me.
  2. Totally appreciate the speedy reply, however, didnt work. I couldn't ever torrent files either unless it was a single kb at a time. I still get an invalid arguement claim. I am running over cable high speed, 3 mbs, a linkysis wireless router and a netgear card. I have attempted to portforward, allow exceptions in firewall, and make ports available. This is a problem i have been working on for literaly a year or more. I am sick of this problem. If someone could fix this problem, i would be indebted to them.
  3. Oh, and i get " 10022: [10022] Invalid argument." for an error message as of late.
  4. Ps, Xp, firfox 2 etc. all standard fare. I am also running a wireless router.
  5. It seems im more unfortunate than most. I rip precisely zero songs. Any thoughts?
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