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  1. ZigZag, This is just a post to remind you how completely awesome this software is... That is all...
  2. yes I am using Turbo... but the weird thing is sometimes it happens after 30 minutes, sometimes it takes hours... and of course it hasn't happened since I made that post, lol...
  3. I have it running now with Pandora Debug set to true waiting to see if it happens again... it seems to be kind of random as to how long it takes but it has happened 3 times so far...
  4. Hey ZigZag... been a while since I posted but I guess that is a good thing.. means I haven't had any issues with it. I recently re-did my computer with new HD's (old one failed so now I have a 2TB raid array built with 500GB 10,000RPM drives and parity backup). First thing I did was get PandoraSaver all setup to try and fill all this disk space... I have been getting some weird errors, here is a snippet from my log right before I closed SProxy. 10/30/2009 5:43:59 PM #68 POST http://www.pandora.com/radio/xmlrpc/v25?rid=3912050P&lid=33458331&method=getFragment&a
  5. 7/17/2009 5:58:51 PM Pandora: Inspecting XMLRPC 'getFragment': http://www.pandora.com/radio/xmlrpc/v24?rid=7500912P&lid=33458331&method=getFragment&arg1=211431069532981403&arg2=56545841&arg3=95003&arg4=&arg5=mp3%2Dhifi&arg6=2&arg7=1247871520260 7/17/2009 5:58:51 PM Pandora: Response contains no XML urlshttp://www.pandora.com/radio/xmlrpc/v24?rid=7500912P&lid=33458331&method=getFragment&arg1=211431069532981403&arg2=56545841&arg3=95003&arg4=&arg5=mp3%2Dhifi&am
  6. 7/17/2009 5:58:51 PM Pandora: Inspecting XMLRPC 'getFragment': http://www.pandora.com/radio/xmlrpc/v24?ri...7=1247871520260 7/17/2009 5:58:51 PM Pandora: Response contains no XML urlshttp://www.pandora.com/radio/xmlrpc/v24?rid=7500912P&lid=33458331&method=getFragment&arg1=211431069532981403&arg2=56545841&arg3=95003&arg4=&arg5=mp3%2Dhifi&arg6=2&arg7=1247871520260 7/17/2009 5:58:51 PM Pandora: Error while parsing XMLRPC: System.Exception: No audio data in XMLRPC fragment at Pandora.Pandora.readSongInfos(Session oSession, XmlDocument doc) in C:\Docum
  7. I was talking about logging to Last.FM If you do impliment the logging to Last.FM perhaps you could have an option to log ALL songs played or have it log only NEW songs (I.E. ones that it actually saves that you did not have before). That wasy if you wanted to, you could use last.fm to kind of see remotely what new songs your computer has gotten while you were away. The grooveshark problem could possibly be fixed by having the plugin look on cddb.com (gracenote) to get the album info. Just have it query for the album name and artist and then you could possibly pull out the track number, y
  8. speaking of which, remind me after the first (payday) and I will throw ya some moolah! Any ideas to integrate last.fm into the Saver2 write of pandorasaver?
  9. very fast connection. It is a thing with pandora, not with your software. I think because of their licensing you can only listen to a song so many times within a certain timespan and my pandora just runs out of music to play since I just leave your program running 24/7 on turbo mode, lol. I don't think it is a problem on your end though.
  10. yep, the double-click error is gone! good work man... If I think of anything else or find any other weird bugs, I will let you know. now if only there was a way around having pandora say "It is taking longer than expected to find your next song"...
  11. think I may have found a bug.... If I double-click on a line in the SPoxy window it throws an exception and dies. I did it twice to confirm it and I have the logs from both times... Here are the relavant log entries... FIRST TIME: 7/12/2009 2:33:56 AM #182 GET http://audio-sjl-t2-1.pandora.com/access/?version=4&lid=33458331&token=y2d3u%2BAg8OSG1WT1kD2UeYSvWeJZqRcGGFYxZu0BhL1q8d424D2Ieba%2Fq2JGiDkpHTt4q8g95Hp9luXbN52SPtrpgSuOZiXuNSCZGZayBtG8XSbWpZhmIW%2B69qtvEpf46iEegNg%2FcUOq%2Fd6kJW79uhpGAkqfsIK0CiipVqi94JjtnAJHjTYAGuNXIhLdXy2ueMSixhh32LiZtg1wFd6gpqqEE4Y S%2BO%
  12. and shameless plug for me.... it is my 25th birthday woot!
  13. I wouldn't think each plugin would need it's own ajax parts. Have Sproxy have the ajax stuff and then each plugin just feeds SProxy what it needs as the contents but I don't know how much you are tied into the development of SProxy... Even just having it auto-refresh every 20 seconds or so would be great.
  14. very nice man. The other thing I noticed. Usually when I stop using Saver, I close the web browser (FFox Portable) then wait for SProxy to finish downloading the current song, then close SProxy. I saw where if I close the browser while it was downloading a song it would finish downloading the song and then hang saying "waiting for album art" or something to that effect and it would obviously never get it. Perhaps you could implement a nice close button where SProxy would finish downloading all of the pending songs, download all of their album art and then close nice and clean (not wait
  15. also, another idea. The status page is awesome except for the fact that you have to refresh it constantly for it to be of any real use. Is there a way that you could make it display in real time? Or maybe even jsut give an option to auto-refresh it every XX seconds?
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