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  1. Yeah, I let it run and got the occasional random song. Not sure what to do next. At least Pandora Jar gives me every song (and posts to last.fm) even though it doesn't tag the album (for crying out loud). I think I'll have to stick with it if I can't get Rip to work 100%.
  2. Ok, so I followed the instructions in the readme but it still only rips songs sporadically. Here is the rundown: Installed firefox 3.0.1 (is this version not good?) Changed cache setting on firefox. Installed flash switcher add-on and set it to 8.x Opened PandoraRip did the EULA and cache setting. Started pandora and....nothing but one song out of first five. OS: Vista 32 Any suggestions?
  3. First let me say sorry if these topics have alread been covered. 1) Is there a way to prevent Rip from creating the Desktop directory once you've added a custom directory? 2) Are you planning to add last.fm support? This is one major plus of Jar 3) Is it possible to detect thumbs down? I don't want to have to go back and clean up bad songs after the fact. I do like that you can delete from the right click menu but it would be slick to have it delete thumbs down songs. If it can't do this, this a delay feature might handle it. Otherwise this thing kicks Jar simply on the album name alone. I'm not sure how that feature could be seen as optional. Thanks.
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