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  1. fuck me ok I'll just DL and install 32 bit what works better with these tools? XP or Vista?
  2. yep, I just wish some one here could get one of these 3 programs to work for me. It seams that the one with the stand alone installer with the built in firefox might work if flash would allow data to be stored locally. If I go to change the settings it refuses to let me I'm just so frustrated over here well where are the files stored to temporary? Can't I just snag them and trans code them?
  3. With your standalone Flash doesn't allow it to store data and when I try to change the setting it doesn't let me. This sucks 3 apps and all 3 failed me :(
  4. Is any one here using any of these tools on a 64bit Vista platform and have them actually working?
  5. hey I had to register in the hopes that you might be able to get it working for me. I set up Firefox like you described and I get it all running and it scans but never finds any tracks. I am on vista 64 bit so might that have some thing to do with it? I tried Flash version 8 and it didn't work so I went on to the latest 9 and its still a now go. My Firefox version is 3.0.1 and I have every thing up to date. Also the Jar doesnt work for me or well any of them! :(
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