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  1. This is the same thing that happens to me. I have xp pro. It is random as to which it will grab though.
  2. Why would you want to have more than one open at at time? I tried closing both the browser and the pandora rip and I am still getting the temp cached tracks I deleted back....how can I erase them manually in the cache ?
  3. Last.fm is a site much like Pandora but different in the way it works. It actually does artist on demand. You set up a profile, choose the artists you like and it will play from their music and any single songs you add to your database. There is a web app and a pocket pc app also. It has a slightly different business model than Pandora. They pay licensing to the artists and publication companies per song like Pandora but put a cap on hearing one song 5 times total....unless you pay 5 dollars a month. Their library is just as extensive as Pandora and based on what I hear, they are doing better financially than Pandora who might have to shut down due to small margins after paying out royalties. Last.fm doesnt force you to hear anything other than the songs and bands you like and there is not the same suggestion setup as Pandora which has its pros and cons. Pandora has support for only a few Sprint phones and the Iphone...no third party app for streaming to phones in general like Last.fm. Hope that helps. I tried opening and closing the browser and turning the Rip on and off and I still get the tracks I erased ?
  4. Speaking of the last point brought up above...when I go and erase folders/songs I dont want...they come back everytime I reboot pandorarip....obviously because they are cached in temp somewhere. Where can I go to erase them ? Dont they build up over time to be large and a huge mem waster ?
  5. I got it working. It seems to randomly not work on some songs ? I am not sure why this is. I know others have mentioned this but it doesnt seem to have a pattern "like every 5 songs it misses one". Thanks for your hard work on this. Also, since I dont want all songs I hear.....when i delete a folder it seems to come back the next time I launch the app. How do I get rid of the folders/songs for good ? Thanks again
  6. I tether my phone alot as I am out and about. Usaully it works for just about anything. Pandora streams just fine over it. I will check what you mentioned. Do know that I have read this thread in entirety more than once. also done searches. Thought perhaps my phone would not be the same as a network card. Guess not, at least in function in this case.
  7. Tried connecting it to my pocket pc to tether it over a broadband connection to see if it would rip tracks with no port 80 conflicts. Didnt seem to work.
  8. Got that installed. Still not working. Must be the port 80. Will check into that.
  9. Thanks for the input. I am having the same issue as the poster above with the error before launching the app. Beyond that, what does flash player mean....as in....I need to make sure i have updated to a certain version with Firefox? Where do I get that? Macromedia.com? Would the error reported by the other user keep it from downloading cached tracks? Sounds like it would be the reason I am not getting tracks to download. Where do I check to see which version of Flash I am sporting ?
  10. I would like to thank you for the work you have put in what looks to be a killer app that is also simple. Less is more. I like fred thompson in post 75 and others, am getting plenty of scanning but not ripping. Initializing Desktop Dir: C:\Documents and Settings\Main User\Desktop\PandoraRip\ Application Data Dir: C:\Documents and Settings\Main User\Application Data\PandoraRip\ Output Dir: C:\Documents and Settings\Main User\Desktop\PandoraRip\ Temporary Files Dir: C:\DOCUME~1\MAINUS~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\ Application Temporary Files Dir: C:\DOCUME~1\MAINUS~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\PandoraRipTemp\ Monitoring Started 540 Scan(s) completed for 15 Temp Dir(s) 0 Total Tracks Ripped :( 1110 Scan(s) completed for 15 Temp Dir(s) 0 Total Tracks Ripped :( 1665 Scan(s) completed for 15 Temp Dir(s) 0 Total Tracks Ripped :( 2220 Scan(s) completed for 15 Temp Dir(s) 0 Total Tracks Ripped :( 2790 Scan(s) completed for 15 Temp Dir(s) 0 Total Tracks Ripped :( I removed part of the log...since it was repetitive and the emoticons were not allowing me to post. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Xp pro. I am fairly sure I am set as admin.
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