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  1. I have 5 ip addresses from my fios ont over one ethernet cable. What do you think about sub interfaces? 5 subs on ip on each one interface into my linux pc and one out to the switch. Then getting them tagged by subnet 1 to vlan2 subnet 2 vlan 3 etc. I want to test this out before investing money on more equipment. I know linux supports vlans and subinterfaces. Anyone try anything like this without an actual router. Linux box on a stick.
  2. once the circuit board gets hit with Salt water it is all over for sd cards and flash drives. I know this from experience, fishing and scuba diving. Dump anything out of your pocket that saltwater could kill car Remotes and keys included. If you saw what it does to brass copper and aluminum you would say wow. If it kills a phone if will kill any other semiconductor device. Memory included.
  3. There has to be a few in Tampa bay.
  4. Fire works for thumb drives. My mother had a 2002 chevy suburban. Drive over the flash drives. I have not tried it but I want to. Salt water. Salt water should kill a thumb drive. I use the same drill I use to drill holes in concrete with.
  5. I don't know if this will work but I have overwritten drives from older pc's with random bit patterns. boot and nuke live cd and other things. Just setup an extra machine to do this with. I don't keep extra hard drives. I drill those with a ten amp drill. Yes I like tools. If you are paranoid physically destroy thumb drives. They will survive the washing machine and dryer a few times. Smash it with a hammer run over it with a car. Among many other ways to do this.
  6. I have an ONT from now frontier. ONT "optical Network Terminal" is what the box is called where the fiber is distributed into coax pots and ethernet. I have 5 ip addresses on the one ethernet interface on the ONT. Can I use one interface on a router "cisco" for all os these. Sub interface and Vlans. Any one deal with anything like this.
  7. I just want recommendations they don't have to be Cisco. The business owner mentioned something to me about cost.
  8. You guys are awesome and rock so much thank you
  9. Hi I had to set up 6 pc's and a laptop. The pc's were shipped to the users office. I spent two days setting every thing up due to not being able to use USMT and network issues on these pc's to transfer data from the old to the new. There are some issues with drivers for things like printers and scanners.
  10. You are the guy with all the answers.  This is weird or sad I know.  I helped with a pc move project and day one support.  What we were doing is moving pc's for users moving to a new area in the building.  This is the issue we had some tech's that I don't know how they got on this project.  How do you talk to them.  I say this is where techs have trouble try to do this or why dont you do this.  Rather than do it this way or don't do this.  We have forms we have to fill out when we do the moves so the user does not come back after us for missing items.  None of my help filled them out plus they would do things like plug the vga cable from one monitor to another. I wish I knew which tech this was so I could toss him out.  I had already worked 7 days in a row on various projects this is my eighth day working.  People wonder why I am insane.  How do people deal with this we had 20 people to move 300 users put pc's in a bracket under the desk.  The monitors were put on adjustable built in stands.  There phones and some people had printers.  It took three days We got the job done. 

  11. This was done on the show I think. Using the Kali or other wifi tools to have fun with them.
  12. I am just a guy who used to have time for this kind of stuff I am learning how to make time. I play with linux, cisco devices, rollout computers at work, and do other IT related stuff. Play the guitar and go fishing. For fishing I need an ROV to see why I am not catching any. Used to drink beer wine jack dont have time.
  13. list your favorites.
  14. The new guy. Everyone calls me dork drok dkor. Unofficial Nick name. Real name is Mike My age is not 30 Hi, I am Jack of most things Had brain surgery but I am better at the computer and guitar since. Favourite game: What ever my brother in law has on his computer or 5 or more angry drunken dwarfs etc you get the idea. Favourite OS: Ubuntu Favourite console: Wii Nationality: American Sex: Male Age:not 30 I'm really 29... Race: White Build: Hacker/dork musician computer guy beer/wine guy. Fisherman. X-gym member Hence the line6 pod and fender strat and tele at my computer desk. Favourite movie: Snatch Favourite TV Show: Favourite animated sitcom: Family guy Other hobbies: Fishing guitar Humour enough to get me in trouble bad at the gimp. Avoiding family drama Ebay Transportation: Nissan Sentra and anyone who will give me rides my family shares cars. Buying a bicycle.