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how do i get u3 pstart to run on insert


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ok i have been having a play with gonzorz payload and pocketknife but keep getting the no cd error and i understand why this is happening so ive had a little play with the apps that i want to run so this is what ive done .

ive left my u3 as a normal u3 no custom iso or anything .

ive put into the root of my u3 drive these apps








ive installed pstart for u3 and added the bat file to the menu so all i do now is plug in my u3 and click on pstart and all data is retrieved and stored on my u3 drive.

does anyone know how i can get pstart to autorun on insertion of the u3 drive

edit . i have it running on insert and capturing what i want no so just need to try get pstart to run hidden if i can

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