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Hack a 3com WAP


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I have a Wireless building to building bridge from 3COM (3CRWEASYA73) I was sent a firmware upgrade to enable it to work in the UK, and it turned out the firmware was for a different AP, subsequently the AP is bricked. Is there anyway anyone knows of to unbrick it.

The 3com PC software doesn't detect it at all. I plug it in the lights come on but I cant detect it, iv tried pinging the default IP nothing, connecting via the console port using hyper-terminal, Putty, Telnet and still nothing iv tried starting up and pinging it to see if it goes into a bios state to begin with but nothing.

Iv searched the net theres lots if youve bricked a WRT54G but nothing about 3com, is there anything else I can try or is it doomed to the scrap heap?


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