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Locating MD5 hashes.


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Can someone please explain to me how to locate hashes? I know how to crack a hash once I've actually found it (brute force, dictionary, etc--even morons can do it with the right software) but I'd like to know how to actually OBTAIN the hash characters themselves.

An idiot friend insists I can get them just by viewing a website's source code, but either he's just kidding or is a retard.

How do you actually find password hashes from a website that uses a basic username/passcode system?

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The MD5 hashed will most probably be located in the websites database, which you don't have access to unless you "gain" access to it someway around the website. Otherwise you would have to do some SQL injection on the site, in order to get the raw data from the database.

If you just want to test out cracking of a MD5 hash, you could just try to make a MD5 hash through pages like this one and go nuts on it.

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