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Question about u3 and additional partitions


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I recently purchased an 8gb u3 micro cruzer. I decided to install Gonzor's switchblade out of curiosity. I downloaded the switchblade ISO and the universal customizer but then I heard that the universal customizer partitions 8gb drives so only 4gbs are accessible in windows. I would rather this not happen so I was wondering if I add a third partition so I would have the fake cd partition and two 4gb partitions. I have found a tool called bootit ng that can partition your drive with a bootable partition. It wont be accessible in windows but that's fine with me. Sorry for such a long post but my main question is, if I add another partition will it damage the u3 partition ? I want to have a bootable partition and the switchblade partition.

Thank you for your help


(I had previously posted this in help by mistake. so I am reposting it in usb)

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