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VLC Question


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Ok guys just watched Episode 9. Love the show. Glad I have bunch of episodes to watch before I get caught up.

The web interface for VLC is great from my PC that is in line of sight to my 32" LCD attached to my media center PC.

The couch is a different animal however. No PC there. No remote control for VLC either. BUT!! I have a VX6700 Cell phone. Running windows mobile 5. So I connected to my wifi router using the phone and tried to control VLC but it doesn't seem to get the data. The images are there but the info doesn't get through. So I see the pause button but I cannot press it. I also don't see anything in the playlist. I thought it was because I had the interface open on the PC at the same time but no luck. Is it using Java or something that my Phone can't handle?



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