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VPN'ing with Ubuntu


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My second post is a question?!? I should be ashamed of myself...

I'm attempting to VPN into my office and ssh into a Linux box that I have sitting on the network. This is via a typical PPTP connection.

If I use my Windows machine, I'm able to VPN in and ssh into the box using putty. The problem arises when I'm on my Ubuntu box. I am able to VPN in, but when I attempt to connect to the box, I receive a message that says connection refused.

I've taken a look at the configuration of the VPN connection on my Ubuntu box and I manually added the address range for the office network to the "Only use VPN connection for these addresses' box, but I'm still not getting anywhere. I'm also unable to terminal into any of the Windows boxes on the network. All of this is despite the fact that I'm able to ping each and every machine I'm attempting to communicate with.

I'm assuming that the issue is a routing one, but I'm somewhat new to Linux an unsure of how to move forward. Anyone have any ideas?

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