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Opensource Web KVM controller


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I'm sure you guys have seen some of the high end KVMs that have a built-in web server (or some type of web/network access) so you can control your KVM over the network/internet. Well, I have a low end KVM that lacks that feature and I was hoping to find an open source project that used an old computer to give my KVM that feature. I've searched but haven't turned up anything yet.

Does anyone know of any software/hardware setup that could give me control of my KVM over the network/internet?

If not, does anyone think it would be possible to use an older computer with Linux installed and use a vnc connection to that box to control a KVM? I would guess the PS2 ports of the computer (usually inputs) would have be be used as outputs to the KVM. I don't even know if that's possible or if just using USB ports with an adapter would be better. Then, I guess you'd need a vga capture card to get video from the KVM. I happen to have this kind of spare hardware laying around.

I'm just throwing the idea out there. I'm hoping someone has a open source solution. If not, I'd take recommendations of a product to buy to make this happen.

BTW, I need remote access via hardware connection (like a KVM) because I do computer repair on a lot of computers in my office and I need to be able to connect at the hardware level as a software remote connection (remote desktop, vnc, etc) don't work when the computer isn't working right in the first place. Just thought I'd say that before someone asks why I don't just use vnc or something. ;)

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Take care,


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Well, PS/2 is essentially serial, you might be able to find a program that will output keyboard key codes on a serial port, I found this (the web site is down but the cache is there). I forget the pin layout of a serial port, but you will want to connect the data+ on the serial port to the data- pin on the PS/2 port and vis versa.

How you are going to get the video on the web page I have no idea. You'll probably end up using Java.

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