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Power supply imcomptability?


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So I got a new power supply for my gaming computer as the old one was no longer big enough (480W) to go with my new graphics card and that work fine.

I thought I would put my old PSU in the computer I leave on all the time, my tests show that the old PSU uses about 0.6A of power while the 480W PSU uses 0.4A. However, with the new PSU it is unable to boot. It will start booting then restart. It still works with the old less efficient power supply. The only reason I can see for this is that the power consumption minimum i not been reached for the new PSU. It used to run 4 HDs, 2 DVD drives, graphics card (PCIe) and a Asus Crosshair mobo with a Athlon 6000. It's now been reduced to a 2.4GHz P4, 2 HD's and a CD drive. It also has a 24pin mobo connector but I only plugged in the first 20.

Some thing of interest: It is a modular PSU, so you only connect to the PSu what you need, the computer only needs three cables, the two that are permanently attached (mother board connectors) and one cable that has 3 four pin molexes for the drives.

Any ideas?

I thought about attaching some resisters to PSU internal connectors to attempt to bring the PSU up to its minimum power consumption level, but I'm not sure.

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I plugged in two spare HDs to the power only, this 'fixed' the problem. So the two hard drives, cd drive and motherboard don't draw enough power for the PSU to 'want' to stay on.

This causes a noise problem, at some point I'll replace the hard drives with resistors.

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Further details:

Even with the two unnecessary hard drives plugged in, it is only just reaching the bare minimum power usage that if I try to boot it with out a CD in the drive, there isn't enough power been used and it turn it's self off again.

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I'd RMA that PSU, sounds like bs.

It's probably 6 months out side of it's 12 month warranty.

It could be that it, some how, 'got used' (some thing to do with capacitors?) to been under a heavy load all the time such that now it's under a much lighter load it 'thinks' it's not been used.

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low usage shouldnt be a problem. the thing is, there's doubt over this thing, and there's no way u wanna risk connecting your hardware to it. just bite the bullet and buy another.

It's fine, it ran my old stuff fine for ages. The only reason I got a new one been that the 'questioned' PSU couldn't run the new graphics card.

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