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ZIF Adapters


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New technology warrants a %$#tload of stupid questions.  The 1. 8" HDs boggled me the first time I got to see one; even more so when I discovered that a new technology was invented without making a way to back up and duplication/ghosting the drive easier for administrators.

(rant over) without further ado. . .

I run disk to disk ghosting and I save images onto a larger portable USB harddrive. 

Right now, we use a ZIF to IDE. . . .  THEN. . .  IDE to USB so we don't have to pop open or shutdown the PC down all the time.  Problem being that my ghost images are on a 250GB USB drive, and when I connect a second USB drive, the first USB HD vanishes all ninja style. (Can we say HASSLE! :-x). 

Anyway, does anyone have a recommendation?

Also, I see a lot of comments about ZIF connectors have to match the company of the harddrive.  (i. e. , A ZIF adatper built for Toshiba HDs will not function for the Hitachi HDs).  Is this true? anyone try this out for sure?

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It's very unusual for drives to 'disappear'. The only instance I'v had that happen (on windows) is if a stupid group policy is in place where it will only allow one additional drive letter besides the ones that are there by default (this is a broken design and should never be implemented, but it was implemented at my college).

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