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Just installed a new 250gb WD SATA HD as my main HD on another Machine running XP SP2. Problem is, everything on the HD is Read Only. Is this common with sata drives, as this is the first since switching from ide. The system is stable about 75% of the time, which is annoying. any help would be appreciated.

running on a nforce neo platinum k8n mobo, wd hd, and amd 3200 64bit, 1gig ram, and evga gforce 6800gs ce 256mb

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Well, everything seems to run fine, when I look at any folder, wether in my documents, or the c: drive, the properties have "read only" enabled and when I try and take it off, it just puts it back on. This causes problems ( i think) when I try and install a program( usually attempt 2-3 times before it actually installs), run a game, or whatever as the system crashes alot, and I have to restart. I formatted once, and did a clean install, put all the up to date drivers, etc. Not sure what to do atm.

Reason I posted with topic Sata help is because I am new to sata drives and have never had a problem with my old ide drive.

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The sqaue thing doesn't mean it's read only, it means stuff in side it's directory tree is read only, a tick would mean it's read only, but even then it's no true read only, becasue that box doesn;t aulter the NTFS permisons which is the only true seance that you can make some thing on a hard drive using windows read only.

Note to readers: Use your imagination to add punctuation.

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