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amature media center.. sort of


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hey guys. I've gotten my hands on yet another computer.. sort of. the short story is one of my directv dvrs stopped working with the satellites, so they sent me a new one (it was supposed to be standard def, but they sent highdef and they said i could keep it since it was their mistake :grin:) the second the new receiver was working i tore open the old one and discovered it had a nice 160GB hard drive in it. at first i was going to just wipe it and store music and videos on it, but then i got to thinking and i decided i want to try to use the whole receiver as a media center. the drive is in good working condition as far as i know (and if not than i have plenty to replace it with). i want to be able to use all the video ports and stuff on the back of the receiver, and it would be awesome if the remote could be the mouse/keyboard/media controller.

the model is directv r15, if that helps.  i know it won't be a spectacular media center, but it is a rather fast m/b that it has in there (it loads the 24 hour concert that was preformed this summer in about a minute). the only thing i need (want) to do with this is put music and videos on it. if i can get it to the point where i can run firefox, or even limewire/bit torrent/other programs on it, that would be super. id also like to make use of the 2 on board usb ports, for wireless adapter and external harddrives and/or wireless keyboard/mouse. the reason i want to use this receiver instead of just tearing out the harddrive is because of the video capabilities: I'm not sure, but i think it has at least 4 different video outs, 2-3 video ins on top of the 2 antenna ins.

as of now, i have the harddrive installed on my desktop, I'm going to look around it later and try to get the videos off it that i recorded on directv. but after that id like to load media center or possibly another edition of windows, or, if firefox and itunes will work with it (i like itunes and firefox, i know they aren't the best of the best, but i like the interface), than a version of Linux or something else.

is this media center totally out of the realm of possibility? or is it something easily taken out in a couple days... the only problems i can think of are: not enough ram (I'm not sure how much is on there now, but i can tell it isn't much, ill check later), not being able to get drivers for the ports.

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