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autorun problem


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hey guys i have a kingston u3 1gb and its working great for me the launchpad executes fine but i want it to execute another file too along with launchpad... now i changed the autorun.inf and added open=myfile.exe in it alongside launchpad execution but my file never runs.... can anyone please post a step by step tut on what i should do to make my file run too automatically with the launchpad ???

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Here is a great resource for everything you can do with an autorun.inf file


As for your question about launching two applications at once, though, I think the answer is to add a shellexecute entry into the autorun.inf file, or to point the Open entry at a batch file that will open the two applications in question. First the usage of the shellexecute entry ...

action=Label for open action
open=File you want to open with the open command

shellexecute=file you want to run automatically every time

The shellexecute entry will open the files listed every time you insert the drive into a computer, the open entry will only be executed when you select that option from the autoplay menu. Using the shellexecute allows you to have multiple entries for programs/files you want to run every time you insert the drive, and you can use it to have non-executable files also open upon drive insertion.


Now if you don't want any particular thing to open every time you insert the drive but would rather have a certain set of things happen when you select the Open option from the Autoplay menu, then I would say you just have to write a simple batch file that opens multiple files, and then point your autorun.inf at that batch file.


action=Label for Open command

batch_file.bat (this is just a text file with the extension changed from txt to bat)

:: Startup Batch File
start [relative path to program2]executable_file.exe

:: Example entries
start AppsFirefoxPortableFirefoxPortable.exe
start launchpad.exe

I hope that helps, I know that for me, I created a GoToWork.bat file on my thumb drive that is linked to the Open command in the autorun.inf and that batch file loads Firefox Portable, Pidgin Portable, uTorrent, and SciTE (my preferred text editor). There is more you can do with an autorun.inf, but I think this should at least be a good start.

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