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2048 sector size


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I have a 1GB USB stick that I have tried to install DSL and Ubuntu on. In both instance they fail to boot, I suspect this is due to it having sectors 2048 bytes in size. I have another 256MB stick which has normal 512 sector size, this will boot DSL fine (too small for Ubuntu).

Any way, questions:

The 'not booting 2038 byte sector disk' problem is a BIOS support thing isn't it? On my laptop the1GB stick shows up as a USB CD drive (CD's have 2048 byte sectors, kind of makes sense).

Suggestions on flash sticks that are known to have 512 byte sectors please (1GB minimum).

On a side note, I created (wrote would be an inappropriate term) a script that installs most things you need for a simple, check email and print some thing Linux desktop on a stick. First you install ubuntu server (with non of the frills) and then you run this as root. It installs every thing in stages (rather then all at once) so that it can be run safely on some thing as small as a 1GB drive (those deb files are rather large ;)).

Admittedly, the same could be archived in a much more efficient fashion with Gentoo, OpenBSD or plain Debian. But, I just have the <3 for Ubuntu lol.

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