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Greasemonkey Changes.


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It appears (at least to me) that something is wrong with the Pandora secure server breaking the mini player. It will work if you reformat the links to the player from https://www.pandora.com:443/......  to http://www.pandora.com/.......

I have gone ahead and gotten the script working again. Simply add the following two lines to the script.

var goodcode = htmlcode.substring(pos+10,end);
    var rewrite = goodcode.replace(/https/ig, "http");
    goodcode = rewrite.replace(/com:443/ig, "com");
fix.innerHTML = goodcode;

This will get things going but will break the secure connection. This could be a problem if they are doing passwords over the connection as part of your personal tag. I will keep an eye on things. If things start working then all you have to do is comment out the lines and things will be back to normal.

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