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Jobs, College Majors, and my Panic Attack


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So I realized a few weeks ago that I am going to start applying for UC (University of California) schools as a transfer student in about a month, so I've started looking at what exactly I want to do.  All was going well until today when a panic set in and I realized that I still have way too many questions.  So really, I am hoping that some (or all) of these could be answered and some of you who actually have experience in the field can help me out.

1.  Computer Science vs Information Science vs Information Technology vs Etc

So really, I need to figure out which major is right for me.  This is my Number 1 concern as it really dictates which schools I want to apply to.  So it might help for me to explain what I want to do and what I enjoy doing.  I really am a fan of doing tech work.  I am currently doing tech work for a Ford dealership locally and I love it.  I just enjoy managing all the computers here, fixing them when needed, and just being immersed in computers.  The idea of doing IT work and being a system administrator is fascinating to me.  So if that is the case, what is the best major for me to do when I go to college?

2.  Job Titles

So what are some job titles that I can research that deal with IT work, specifically that of management because I know that is really where the money is?  I noticed that with most statistics, people really start to make money when they get into the management rather than the grunt tech work.  I guess this ties into a major as well, as it might make a difference if I want to work towards management.

3.  Pay

All in all, what am I looking to make in CA for these various jobs? I find a lot of statistics, but I know that Californians generally make more money than the rest of the country because of the cost of living here and such.  Any insight is greatly appreciated.

4.  Stuff for me to read

If you have any web sites that might be particularly useful (other than google. com  :-D) please feel free to relay them onto me.  I can use all the help I can get.

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