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I was just messing around with the switchblade, testing it out and I rooted my box. . . I was just trying to view the logs i hit shift when i inserted it but the switchblade ran.  :sad: I tried to use the antidote but when i clicked on it I got this wierd source with a bunch of ???? and stuff.  plus I'm terrible with rar files.  so can anyone help me out? maybe have a . zip of the antidote or something.  help!

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that is the whole point ... it does no use autorun .. its like firmware in the drive so ...

Maybe you should read a little more of the switchblade threads before trying to help people out.  The shift key, when pressed does indeed disable autorun, and thus the payload does not execute.  (either that or i didn't quite get what you were trying to say.

Jamespi, whose payload were you using?

As far as i know, you really aren't in that much trouble if you used a switchblade (no hacksaw) based package.

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