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U3 password protection


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I try to bypass U3 password protection.  If the password is not correct, the data partition isn't avaible (hidden partition ?), and after 5 bad password, I must format the key.  I think the protection use the usb key controller to check the password.

How read data without this password ?

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There are no reported flaws in the U3 password protection.

The U3 software will hash the password, and use the U3 Secure Extensions to send it to device.  The device will compare, and only enable the alternate partition if it matches.

- Attempting to reset the password will erase all data stored on the device.

- The device will not allow increasing the size of the CD portion while it is password protected

For most devices, you can either desolder the SMT flash chips and use a conventional flash reader or use a vampire-clip arrangement. 

Some devices, typically the lower end versions from companies that offer enterprise solutions, the data on the flash is encrypted, even though that is not advertised.  Sandisk does this in some of their models.  The method for determining AES keys per block is not public, and has possible weaknesses, although it would be computationally infeasible to use those at this point.

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